Sunday, September 14, 2014

Every week is great as a missionary!

Hi everyone
This week was another great week. I am finding that generally every week is great as a missionary. There are always ups and downs but it in the end it is all good. I am staying really really busy so it goes by soo soooo fast. I can not believe that it is saturday again. The time is going by so fast and I only hope I can learn everything I need to from my companion before he gets change. Things are going good and I am learning a ton of stuff in the office. More and more it is like a puzzle everything is interconnected somehow. So It is great to understand more and more what I am doing and how to do it. There are some stuff that I understand and can do without much help but I am so happy that he is still here and is so great to help me learn because there is a lot that I still have to learn. It is really fun being in the office the other missionaries that are there are great and we are always laughing, smiling, and helping eachother when they get a little stuck in their work. It is reallly interesting and new because I have a lot more communication with the president which is something that I always have like. He is in the office on mondays almost the whole day and then during the week he only goes to the office when he needs something or has an interview but we also communicate through email in the office. It is fun to work more with him and his wife right now. I told you a little bit about the married couple that is serving in the office too. They are so funny and to be honest remind me a lot of mom and dad. The things they say and how they act together sometimes is just like you guys haha. 

In our area we were able to find some new investigators and we are hoping that this weekend we will also be able to find some more. This next week is the 18 of september. That is a huge holiday here it is like their 4th of july. So it will be interesting to see who will receive us. But it is ok we will work hard just the same. There is always a lot of food so I am really excited for that. haha It was really fun this last year so I think it will be a good week. WE do go to the church in our area. It is a branch. They are good. They dont have a lot of confidence in the missionaries because of bad experiences with other missionaries before but we are working to show them that we are obedient and are working hard. Our mission leader is really great. He and other people are always willing to come with us to lessions which is a great help. It is a small branch. This last week we had 50 the week before we had like 40. jHere in chile they are known for always being late. If an activity is at 5 that really means that they will start setting up at 5 and the activity will start at 5:30 or 6. It sometimes is the same with the church meetings. They are even at 10 not 9 and still it is hard for some people. So generally at the end of the meeting there are more people. This last week we changed time here so we are now another hour behind. I like it because it is lighter at night. 

Everything is going really well here. Time keeps going good and really fast. I cant believe we are in september. Happy birthday Nathan!!!! 
I love you all. Now is the time to send letters. I get them way faster in the office. 

Les quiero
Elder Hamilton

 I can see the ocean again from my area!!
Our apartment is the storage place for the mission