Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder!

Tynan's Birthday is Monday the 27th. 

Hola Familia

Feliz Cumpleaños Mom y Bryce. Tengan una muy buena semana!!! 
This week was really good. I got my package which what awesome. Thanks for all the treats. My companion and I ate poptarts for breakfast today. i am really excited about the wheat thins. They are so good!! haha. This week we were doing the stand. Remember this thing that our mission is testing out. So we were doing that in the evenings. With two hours of the stand after the office we didnt have a ton of time in our area but we were able to talk to some people. We are really looking forward to working a lot in our area this week. This week in the office on monday there were a few emergency changes in the mission and so we had a few changes in the office. Everything is going really well in the office. Things are a lot more peaceful in the office and this next week will be the same. We wont have any reunions or changes for a little while. Today and tomorrow we have stake conference so I am excited for that. 
This week we finished the book of mormon for the third time this year. Now we should be starting the fouth time in a week or two. We are going to have to read it faster if we will be finishing it by the end of the year. It will be a little easier because this time the book of mormon will be shorter because we are all going to be reading it in english. The mission really focuses a lot on english for the latin missionaries and so we are going to be reading together in english. I am really excited for this because even though I can understand it just fine in spanish there is a difference in english. There are a few times when the translations are different. It is like conference talks, They dont come off the same way. so that will be a lot of fun to do together. I have loved reading the book of mormon focusing on different topics. I have been surprised at how much I have been able to learn. I cant believe it has been almost a year since we started reading it. I always talk to other missionaries who got hear mid year and havent been doing it for the full time and I realize how long I have already been here. 
I also cant believe I am turning 21 that is so wierd. I feel so old to say it. but then in my ment I still feel so young. haha. i am excited for my birthday. it will be great. 
I am glad that everything is going well for all of you guys. i love hearing from you all. now is the best time in the mission to send me letters because i get them right away. I got the package and a great letter this week. Thanks for all of your love and support. I love you all
Elder Hamilton

Saturday, October 18, 2014

i love inviting people to come unto Christ

Hi everyone
This week was great. When is it not great. haha 
In our area we were able to find some new people to teach which we are super excited about. We are really happy with who we are teaching and hope that they will keep progressing. It is so great to see the people complete there compromises to read the book of mormon or to pray. We are expecting some people to come with us to church this week so we will see what happens. The thing I liked the most this week was The zone conference that we had this week. It was what we call the repeat conference. All of the leaders have a meeting with president each month and then the following week they present us all of the presentations and information. It was really great I liked it a lot. We talked a lot about courage And how we need to have courage in every part of our life. That is something that I have been studing and working on improving. This week the hardest thing was the time. There is never enough time both in the office and out working. I dont like to feel like I have left things undone I like to finish things but somedays when we leave the office or have to start walking home at night I have to let things wait until the next time that I have to finish things. The best thing about my calling is that I represent something so big and so important. i love inviting people to come unto christ. I always think about the temple and want so badly that others can have the blessings we have in the temple. I am so grateful for what we all have The hard times and all. 
Things are going really great here. I love my companion we are having a great time together. It is so great in the office because we are all working around eachother, with other companionships, so much more. It is great to get to know the missionaries more. I am feeling really good about what I am doing in the office. I keep learning more and more but as of right now we havent had a big problem. haha. I just keep praying everything stays organized. 
I love you al so much. I am so happy that we can be an eternal family. it doesnt matter what happens to us if we follow christ and obey him we can be together forever. yesterday we taught a lession about obedience I love the promises that god has for us. If we obey he WILL bless us. He is a man to his word so we just need to obey him. I love you all and i love the gospel.
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busy Week

Elder Arbon and Vina Family
New Missionaries Bags
Buenos Dias Familia Mia
This week was so so so so so busy. I cant even begin to tell you how tired I am after this week. To start off we had conference which was so amazing. I loved it sososososso Much. It was so awesome that they talked in their own language. Being here around so many latins it was so amazing to be here for that. It is like I said last week. The latins who speak english generally like watching in english because with translation you loose some emotion. So I know that the people loved being able to hear in their own language. I cant wait to the conference center and hear one in spanish. For the spanish talks we all went next door to the spanish room to listen. So that is what we did saturday and sunday
Monday was a normal day in the office and in our area. On tuesday we had to go to the office in the morning at 5:45 to sent the old missionaries home and stuff. Then we were busy all day in the office and getting things ready for the new missionaries that got to the mission tuesday. In the afternoon they got there so we had to get their lunch ready, dont worry we didnt have to cook it. That night the office staff had our presentation. Then we had to go to the office and help the asistants with some stuff for the new missionaries and the changes. On wednesday we had changes so we were running arround getting everything ready for that. On thursday it was a normal day. There are two new people in teh office. A new asistent elder Brown and the new secretary Elder Esquivia. My companion is elder Gonzalez from mexico. he went to the school where i went to the mtc. he is really great and I am excited to be with him. Elder Arbon went to a sector really close and actually is our zone leader so I talk with him each day because I am the district leader now. On friday we had the mission leaders meeting so we were getting that ready thursday night until like 11:30. With all of these meetings and changes this week was really busy but it was a lot of fun. Now this next week should be more normal but we will see. In our area we are working on finding more peop'le. We have been able to find some new people this week to teach which is great. You asked about my old companion Elder Rodrigues. He got changed and is actually in my old area of paso hondo in quilpue with my trainer elder Abarca. he is doing better. 
Everything is going really well. I am now the only financial secretary in the office and things have gone well as of right now. I am doing good and I am really happy with things I always love it when I am busy. I am supper tired and am excited to rest a little today. 
i Love you all
That is so awesome to hear about the experience that adam had. Thats so great that he can be sharing the gospel while he is their. 
I have talked to Elder Wilkes before. he goes home the same time as elder Arbon. 
I love you all so much. Have a great week
Elder Hamilton

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Photo's and Letter

Lots of photo's this week from the mission blog.  It was their zone conference.
A great thing about conference is that for 4 days a year you and your missionary are doing the exact same thing at the same time :) CH

 Back of head shot
 Elder and Sister Cluff from office

Hola Familia
Estoy tan animado por la conferencia general.
Yay its conference day. I love conference it is the greatest. I am really hoping to hear some great council for missionary work. And i promise you there will be a lot. This week went well. I am always happy even if the work is moving slowly. Our area has been really hard to find people to teach. It is really frustrating. I feel like my life is a little bipolar right now.haha. In the office I have seen so much progress. I have learned a ton and feel a lot better with everything. Then in my area we havent seen a ton of change. We have talked to a lot of people but there havent been very many with a really desire to listen or know that these things are true. It makes me so grateful for what we have in the gospel. I was thinking about how we were going to have conference today and thought about how so many people dont even know what that is or dont understand the importance of the conference and a living prophet. It just makes me want to share it with everyone. We have been talking about that a lot with the people in the street. The people have talked really positively about it and I hope that some of them go to the conference. I invite everyone to invite someone to the conference. It isnt too late. I know that everyone has facebook and internet so you can all invite your friends. I know that someone will watch and you could be the instrument of the lord to change the life of someone. I am oh so grateful for what we have. I know that many people dont want to accept these things but there are people out there who are being prepared. 
This week my companion should be changing areas so I will be the only financial clerk in the office. AHHHHH! but its fine. I feel really good about things. I am happy because he will be in the mission for another 1.5 months so I can call him if I need help. Then he goes home and I will be the only financial clerk in the mission. Some people asked a little about the office. We still study until 10:30 we dont have language study. We go to the office from 11-4:30 and then we go to our area. Sometimes we have to leave the house at 9:30 or 10 to do payments or get money from the bank. The church has its own internet page to pay everything. Sometimes there are some people that we can only pay from a bank deposit so we have to go to the bank to do it. It is really interesting. I love being able to help the missionaries keep working. 
I love you all so much. I would love your prayers this week as I will start working alone in the office. It should be a busy week because we have to send home the old missionaries and receive the new missionaries then we have changes and we also might be having a zone leader meeting at the end of the week so it will be interesting. 
Thanks for your prayers and suport. 
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton

 My friend Lori Lee found this photo on a blog called Missionary Momma.
They went up to a lookout at 6 AM to take this photo of the city

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Much to get Done

Hola Familia
This week went by so fast just like the other ones. Everyone in the office says that it is always like that in the office because there is so much that needs to get done. Everything is going really well. this week we were able to find and teach more people en our area which was awesome. We taught some less actives and incomplete families. There are a lot of really great people here in chile I really do love working with them a lot. This last sunday we had a lesson with a young man whos friend lives in our ward. It was such a great spiritual lesson. Today my companion and I were talking about lessons where the spirit isnt only there but it is really the one teaching. I have been focusing on follow all promtings of the spirit. I have been so surprised that even the smallest thoughts were promtings of the holy ghost to help me. I have tried to think everyday how well I followed the spirit and what I need to do better. In our reading in the book of mormon I am reading in helaman. I love nephi Helamans son he is such a great example. It is interesting how god trusts him so much. I love reading in the book of mormon it is so full of great examples for us in how we need to live. It is so important that we read the book of mormon so that we can really have a testimony. 
This next week we will still have pday on saturday  we will just have pday the whole day. So I will be emailing during the brakes. and then we will buy what we need durring the other brake. 
The office is going good. You asked about the other elders.
Elder Arbon is from springville and only has 1.5 months left in his mission. He goes home in Nov.
Elder Call is from st george. His sister was serving in the south of chile and just went home like 5 weeks ago. When they went to the airport to get the new missionaries he actually got to see his sister going home. 
Elder Gonzales is from mexico and went to the school where I went for the mtc.
Elder and sister cluff are from arrizona. They are really great to have in the office. 
Elder Santillan is from california and was in the mtc with me. He is one of the asistents.
The other asistent is elder Sherwood from arizona too. 

I love you all so much. Have a great week. 
Elder Hamilton