Saturday, October 18, 2014

i love inviting people to come unto Christ

Hi everyone
This week was great. When is it not great. haha 
In our area we were able to find some new people to teach which we are super excited about. We are really happy with who we are teaching and hope that they will keep progressing. It is so great to see the people complete there compromises to read the book of mormon or to pray. We are expecting some people to come with us to church this week so we will see what happens. The thing I liked the most this week was The zone conference that we had this week. It was what we call the repeat conference. All of the leaders have a meeting with president each month and then the following week they present us all of the presentations and information. It was really great I liked it a lot. We talked a lot about courage And how we need to have courage in every part of our life. That is something that I have been studing and working on improving. This week the hardest thing was the time. There is never enough time both in the office and out working. I dont like to feel like I have left things undone I like to finish things but somedays when we leave the office or have to start walking home at night I have to let things wait until the next time that I have to finish things. The best thing about my calling is that I represent something so big and so important. i love inviting people to come unto christ. I always think about the temple and want so badly that others can have the blessings we have in the temple. I am so grateful for what we all have The hard times and all. 
Things are going really great here. I love my companion we are having a great time together. It is so great in the office because we are all working around eachother, with other companionships, so much more. It is great to get to know the missionaries more. I am feeling really good about what I am doing in the office. I keep learning more and more but as of right now we havent had a big problem. haha. I just keep praying everything stays organized. 
I love you al so much. I am so happy that we can be an eternal family. it doesnt matter what happens to us if we follow christ and obey him we can be together forever. yesterday we taught a lession about obedience I love the promises that god has for us. If we obey he WILL bless us. He is a man to his word so we just need to obey him. I love you all and i love the gospel.
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton