Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busy Week

Elder Arbon and Vina Family
New Missionaries Bags
Buenos Dias Familia Mia
This week was so so so so so busy. I cant even begin to tell you how tired I am after this week. To start off we had conference which was so amazing. I loved it sososososso Much. It was so awesome that they talked in their own language. Being here around so many latins it was so amazing to be here for that. It is like I said last week. The latins who speak english generally like watching in english because with translation you loose some emotion. So I know that the people loved being able to hear in their own language. I cant wait to the conference center and hear one in spanish. For the spanish talks we all went next door to the spanish room to listen. So that is what we did saturday and sunday
Monday was a normal day in the office and in our area. On tuesday we had to go to the office in the morning at 5:45 to sent the old missionaries home and stuff. Then we were busy all day in the office and getting things ready for the new missionaries that got to the mission tuesday. In the afternoon they got there so we had to get their lunch ready, dont worry we didnt have to cook it. That night the office staff had our presentation. Then we had to go to the office and help the asistants with some stuff for the new missionaries and the changes. On wednesday we had changes so we were running arround getting everything ready for that. On thursday it was a normal day. There are two new people in teh office. A new asistent elder Brown and the new secretary Elder Esquivia. My companion is elder Gonzalez from mexico. he went to the school where i went to the mtc. he is really great and I am excited to be with him. Elder Arbon went to a sector really close and actually is our zone leader so I talk with him each day because I am the district leader now. On friday we had the mission leaders meeting so we were getting that ready thursday night until like 11:30. With all of these meetings and changes this week was really busy but it was a lot of fun. Now this next week should be more normal but we will see. In our area we are working on finding more peop'le. We have been able to find some new people this week to teach which is great. You asked about my old companion Elder Rodrigues. He got changed and is actually in my old area of paso hondo in quilpue with my trainer elder Abarca. he is doing better. 
Everything is going really well. I am now the only financial secretary in the office and things have gone well as of right now. I am doing good and I am really happy with things I always love it when I am busy. I am supper tired and am excited to rest a little today. 
i Love you all
That is so awesome to hear about the experience that adam had. Thats so great that he can be sharing the gospel while he is their. 
I have talked to Elder Wilkes before. he goes home the same time as elder Arbon. 
I love you all so much. Have a great week
Elder Hamilton