Monday, May 26, 2014

These shoes have seen some miles!

Starting to wear my second pair of shoes. The first ones are still in good condition.
(Ecco shoes are the best for mission CH)

Hi family
I am so glad to hear that all is well for you guys in your lives. This week went really well. This week we were doing something different. It is a stand. It is like a column that we set up that has a question on it like what is the purpose of life or how can I become a better person. It is something that the church is testing in our mission. So each week a different companionship has the stand and has to stand outside by the stand for 4 hours each day. The idea is that the people with have interest in the question and walk up and talk to us so we dont have to find them. So we arent aloud to talk to people first they have to show the interest. It was interesting and I can see how it can work to weed out all of the people who really wont have interest. We had like 15 people talk to us this last week. Some members, inactives, and people who werent members. So It will be interesting to see how that progresses. The missionary work is changing a lot in the world. There really isnt that much success in talking to people in the street or knocking on doors like before. We talk to people who said that before they didnt have to knock on very many doors in order to have a person let them in. We can knock on a lot of doors and not talk to anyone. But thats fine I will just keep knocking and talking. I am still loving what I am doing. Also this week I had a meeting with the president and all of the district leaders in the mission. I loved that so much. I learned a ton of stuff that I am excited to apply to my life and mission. I love how much I am learning. In the meeting we talked about setting goals and fulfilling them. I am working right now in making goals for my mission and life so that I can get the most out of my mission. 
Things are going good in my area, we are looking for new people to teach. We are teaching some great people but we always need more. There are some great members here so we have been able to have some family nights with their friends and neighbors. That is something I have seen in my mission. The promise from the general athorities is the truth. We dont need to worry about losing friends by sharing the gospel we will always be blessed when we do it even if they dont acept the gosple. I cant believe that you guys are starting summer. Please be safe and have fun. Swim a lot for me. haha. We are starting to have some cold times. This week it rained a few days which I actually liked. It was a little fun. It was another "wow Im in the mission" moments. haha. It should started getting colder more and more. I hate the cold still. Even though it is colder at home I still hate the cold. 
I am a little sick of soccer to be honest. And we havent even started the world cup. That is what everyone talks about here. I didnt know that there could be so many people who like a sport so much to talk about it literally all day. My companion loves it too haha. We haved heard what is going to happen durring the world cup. We have heard that durring that last one the missionaries couldnt be outside durring the matches but who knows. I am sure that they are going to tell us something. 
I love you all so much. I just cant say that enough. 
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

 FHE with Family (notice the Christmas tablecloth, he would have loved that)
 Meeting with District leaders- I love that he is in the front row CH

Monday, May 19, 2014

Through Baptism they become closer to God

Note- We are FINALLY coming up on Tynan's 1 year anniversary!! I am going to send him a box May 28, so that hopefully he will get it by July 2. If anyone would like to write him a letter and email it to me, I will include this in my box.
My email is
Letters are great because he can read them at leisure.

This week was great like always. Life in the mission has its ups and downs but I think it is always great. I love having the spirit so strong in my life. 
This week I was able to do some interviews for baptisms. I have found that I really love doing that. It is so great because you get the opportunity to ask them about their faith and testimony. I have loved hearing about the stories in the peoples lives and the changes they have made in their lives with the gospel. The two interviews that I did yesterday were with two woman who have listened to the missionaries for some months and years. I asked one of them what was different about now and she shared with my about how right now she really felt it. She wasnt doing it for her parents or siblings but for her relation with god. The other woman has had a lot of hard times with her daughter, who doent talk to her mom much and treats her really badly. She explained that she was going to be baptised because now in her life through all of her chalenges she has seen the hand of god helping her and she knows that only through baptism can she get closer to god. I love hearing the stories that the people have in their lives and the church. 
Yesterday I finished one year of having gone through the temple. I cant believe that it was one year ago yesterday that I went to the temple with a lot of my family and had the opportunity to be closer to god. I love the temple so much. In utah we are so blessed to have so many temples. I am so happy that I have always lived within 5 or 10 minutes from the temple and now in provo we are going to have two temples. The temple is something so important in the church and I am so grateful that we have the priesthood restored on the earth to have these ordinances. I miss the temple so much but I am looking forward to finishing my mission by going to the temple in santiago. I will wait a little more that a year to do it but I know that it will be worth the wait. 
I am doing good and everything is going good with my companion and in my area. We are learning a lot and helping eachother. I am still working on helping the elders in my district with their excitement in the work but things are going good. I am so grateful that I have been raised with a desire to be obedient and it isnt that big of a decision for me. I am learning a lot about the example that we can be to the other people and how it can change them. The best way we can help people is by example. 
I love you all so much. Sorry  I dont have much to say today but I hope all is well. Make time to go to the temple this week and read your scriptures everyday. The best way we can show love to the lord is by obedience and our time. 
I love you
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

PS. I am sooooo excited today because we are going to dunkin donuts. I found out last week that there is one in the zone so we are going today!!! I am so excited and I think I am going to buy like 12 for this week. haha.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finally got his easter bag May 9!

Hello family.
It was so great to talk to you all this week. Happy mothers day to all of the moms and future moms out there. This week went really well. It went by so fast just like all of the weeks. I am liking my area a lot. It is a lot smaller but it is great and there are great people members and non members that want to help us. Yesterday we had a baptism that was so great. It was with Marlen. It was so great to see her do that and take this step to be baptised. It was awesome because she told us that she was fasting for her baptism. That was such a showing of her faith in god. We were so happy for her. She was crying and after she said that she just felt clean and new. It is so awesome to help people do these things. I know that it isnt us that really does it, it is the spirit that does the work but I am so happy to see these changes in the people. She has 3 kids and she said that now she is hoping that they well start having some more interest and follow her example. We have some great other people that we are teaching but they all have their problems or dificulties. One woman, besabe, is so great and has a lot of faith right now but legally she has to leave every sunday and go to santiago to take her kids to see their dad. She is praying and looking for a way to change that so that she can go to church but still hasnt been able to find a way. 
Another thing that made me so happy today is that when I got to the computer today and looked at the announcements from the asistants I saw a picture of a baptism and guess who got baptised!!!! ...... ELIAS!!! After a long time and a long battle with smoking he was able to stop and get baptised. I would have loved to been there to see it but that isnt what is important to me. What is most important is that he took this step. And I have to thank all of you for your prayers for him. I know that even noah liam and ben were praying that he could stop smoking. I know that all of our prays helped him do it. 
So this week went really well. Now I am ready to go with another week. I cant believe that I have been here in this area for almost three weeks now. It goes so fast. I hope all is well with everyone at home. Know that I love you all and I love receiving your letters. I may not be able to respond to you all which i am so sorry for but Time in the mission is really short. I would love to spend time writting each of you but I cant do that. Know that I love you all so much friends, family, or who ever you are. Thank you for your prayers and support I couldnt do this without the help from god and I know that your prayers are helping me a lot. I love you
Les quiero muchísimo
Elder Hamilton

We had a great visit with Tynan on Mother's Day. Erin, Mark and I didn't have our lap tops and so we were not able to group Skype. (we were in Florida) So I had him on my iPad, Erin was face timing with Ryan and Megan, and Mark had Nathan on Skype. It was great to have all of the family talking together. We haven't been together since Dec. 2011.  Thank goodness for technology.  Also Tynan said they have the worst apt in the mission and so I am assuming some of the above pictures are of that. The swan one is hilarious.  Cheryl

Monday, May 5, 2014

LIsten to the Spirit

Hola Familia
This week was great like always in the mission. It has its ups and downs like Rockin roller coaster (in honor of your trip to disney world this week) But I cant help but always love the feeling I have in the mission knowing that I am doing something important and Im obedient. I am getting to know this area, my companion and my district more which is great. The people here are really great and there are a lot of members who are really willing to help us and everything. We are working on getting to know them more because before there wasn´t much communication with the member and the missionaries. 
WE have a baptism this sunday. Her name is Marlen and she is so great. She the person that I told you about last week that in the begining didnt believe much in god but know she has such a strong testimony. It is so amazing the changes that people can do in their lives. I have learned a lot about change in my mission. Change means repentance. It is the only way that we can repent. We must always change to be better in our lives. So I am super excited for her. She has three children 17, 13, y 7. We are hoping that her kids are going to be more interested in the church after her baptism. We have talked a little bit with her boys that are 13 and  7 But the one with 13 years is shy and doesnt like talking much. Her son with 7 years likes the church but he is a little younger right now. haah. But I am super happy for her. ç
I had an experience that was so great this week. First I need to explain something that happens like 4 weeks back in my other area. One day we were walking by a house and I saw that there was a woman in the frontyard and generally there isnt anyone there at all. So we talked to her and she invited us into her yard and we talked for a little bit. She said that she was a member and lived in another ward close and had this house that she just visited to keep it up. She explained that she was having some problems in her life and that her daughter also had a lot of problems right now. She asked me if I would give her a blessing for strength. I did so and then we left thinking that we wouldnt ever see her more. Then when I got here I saw her in my new ward but couldnt remember where I had seen her. I remembered and we talked for a little bit last week. Yesterday we went by her house to visit her and her family and when we finished she said that is was great that she could have 3 priesthood holders in her house because there are just women. I told Her that we were there to serve and If she needed anything like a blessing or service we could help. I had forgotten a little about what had happened in my other area but she started talking about that day. She said that in her life she still has these problems but since that day the and the priesthood blessing she has had a diferent outlook. Before she was going to go talk to the bishop and tell him that she needed to be released from her calling because she had too many problems and she was really emotionally stressed. She said that after that she was able to take things as they came and do what she needed to do to fulfill her calling and do what she needed to in her life. It was amazing to me to think back to that day and remember that I just had a thought to contact a random house and then to see now what the lord did through me and my companion. It is amazing to see how through small things the lord can help so many people. It makes me think about all the other times I have talked to people or helped people. Even though it may seem that something that we did was a small act. In the big picture it could change the thoughts and attitude of someone. I am so happy that I am worthy and in tune with the spirit so that the lord can work through me. I know that this was all in the control of the lord and nothing that I did. I love what president monson said "I want the lord to know that if the lord needs someone to run and errand, Tom monson will run it for him." That is the importance of the spirit and worthiness in our lives. We can help so many people in all the things we do. 
I love you guys so much. I am so excited to talk to you guys this week!!!! I am going to call at 5 in chile. Which is 3 in utah and I think 5 in florida. I love you all so much!!! 
Les amo
Elder Hamilton