Monday, May 26, 2014

These shoes have seen some miles!

Starting to wear my second pair of shoes. The first ones are still in good condition.
(Ecco shoes are the best for mission CH)

Hi family
I am so glad to hear that all is well for you guys in your lives. This week went really well. This week we were doing something different. It is a stand. It is like a column that we set up that has a question on it like what is the purpose of life or how can I become a better person. It is something that the church is testing in our mission. So each week a different companionship has the stand and has to stand outside by the stand for 4 hours each day. The idea is that the people with have interest in the question and walk up and talk to us so we dont have to find them. So we arent aloud to talk to people first they have to show the interest. It was interesting and I can see how it can work to weed out all of the people who really wont have interest. We had like 15 people talk to us this last week. Some members, inactives, and people who werent members. So It will be interesting to see how that progresses. The missionary work is changing a lot in the world. There really isnt that much success in talking to people in the street or knocking on doors like before. We talk to people who said that before they didnt have to knock on very many doors in order to have a person let them in. We can knock on a lot of doors and not talk to anyone. But thats fine I will just keep knocking and talking. I am still loving what I am doing. Also this week I had a meeting with the president and all of the district leaders in the mission. I loved that so much. I learned a ton of stuff that I am excited to apply to my life and mission. I love how much I am learning. In the meeting we talked about setting goals and fulfilling them. I am working right now in making goals for my mission and life so that I can get the most out of my mission. 
Things are going good in my area, we are looking for new people to teach. We are teaching some great people but we always need more. There are some great members here so we have been able to have some family nights with their friends and neighbors. That is something I have seen in my mission. The promise from the general athorities is the truth. We dont need to worry about losing friends by sharing the gospel we will always be blessed when we do it even if they dont acept the gosple. I cant believe that you guys are starting summer. Please be safe and have fun. Swim a lot for me. haha. We are starting to have some cold times. This week it rained a few days which I actually liked. It was a little fun. It was another "wow Im in the mission" moments. haha. It should started getting colder more and more. I hate the cold still. Even though it is colder at home I still hate the cold. 
I am a little sick of soccer to be honest. And we havent even started the world cup. That is what everyone talks about here. I didnt know that there could be so many people who like a sport so much to talk about it literally all day. My companion loves it too haha. We haved heard what is going to happen durring the world cup. We have heard that durring that last one the missionaries couldnt be outside durring the matches but who knows. I am sure that they are going to tell us something. 
I love you all so much. I just cant say that enough. 
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

 FHE with Family (notice the Christmas tablecloth, he would have loved that)
 Meeting with District leaders- I love that he is in the front row CH