Monday, May 19, 2014

Through Baptism they become closer to God

Note- We are FINALLY coming up on Tynan's 1 year anniversary!! I am going to send him a box May 28, so that hopefully he will get it by July 2. If anyone would like to write him a letter and email it to me, I will include this in my box.
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Letters are great because he can read them at leisure.

This week was great like always. Life in the mission has its ups and downs but I think it is always great. I love having the spirit so strong in my life. 
This week I was able to do some interviews for baptisms. I have found that I really love doing that. It is so great because you get the opportunity to ask them about their faith and testimony. I have loved hearing about the stories in the peoples lives and the changes they have made in their lives with the gospel. The two interviews that I did yesterday were with two woman who have listened to the missionaries for some months and years. I asked one of them what was different about now and she shared with my about how right now she really felt it. She wasnt doing it for her parents or siblings but for her relation with god. The other woman has had a lot of hard times with her daughter, who doent talk to her mom much and treats her really badly. She explained that she was going to be baptised because now in her life through all of her chalenges she has seen the hand of god helping her and she knows that only through baptism can she get closer to god. I love hearing the stories that the people have in their lives and the church. 
Yesterday I finished one year of having gone through the temple. I cant believe that it was one year ago yesterday that I went to the temple with a lot of my family and had the opportunity to be closer to god. I love the temple so much. In utah we are so blessed to have so many temples. I am so happy that I have always lived within 5 or 10 minutes from the temple and now in provo we are going to have two temples. The temple is something so important in the church and I am so grateful that we have the priesthood restored on the earth to have these ordinances. I miss the temple so much but I am looking forward to finishing my mission by going to the temple in santiago. I will wait a little more that a year to do it but I know that it will be worth the wait. 
I am doing good and everything is going good with my companion and in my area. We are learning a lot and helping eachother. I am still working on helping the elders in my district with their excitement in the work but things are going good. I am so grateful that I have been raised with a desire to be obedient and it isnt that big of a decision for me. I am learning a lot about the example that we can be to the other people and how it can change them. The best way we can help people is by example. 
I love you all so much. Sorry  I dont have much to say today but I hope all is well. Make time to go to the temple this week and read your scriptures everyday. The best way we can show love to the lord is by obedience and our time. 
I love you
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

PS. I am sooooo excited today because we are going to dunkin donuts. I found out last week that there is one in the zone so we are going today!!! I am so excited and I think I am going to buy like 12 for this week. haha.