Monday, May 5, 2014

LIsten to the Spirit

Hola Familia
This week was great like always in the mission. It has its ups and downs like Rockin roller coaster (in honor of your trip to disney world this week) But I cant help but always love the feeling I have in the mission knowing that I am doing something important and Im obedient. I am getting to know this area, my companion and my district more which is great. The people here are really great and there are a lot of members who are really willing to help us and everything. We are working on getting to know them more because before there wasn´t much communication with the member and the missionaries. 
WE have a baptism this sunday. Her name is Marlen and she is so great. She the person that I told you about last week that in the begining didnt believe much in god but know she has such a strong testimony. It is so amazing the changes that people can do in their lives. I have learned a lot about change in my mission. Change means repentance. It is the only way that we can repent. We must always change to be better in our lives. So I am super excited for her. She has three children 17, 13, y 7. We are hoping that her kids are going to be more interested in the church after her baptism. We have talked a little bit with her boys that are 13 and  7 But the one with 13 years is shy and doesnt like talking much. Her son with 7 years likes the church but he is a little younger right now. haah. But I am super happy for her. ç
I had an experience that was so great this week. First I need to explain something that happens like 4 weeks back in my other area. One day we were walking by a house and I saw that there was a woman in the frontyard and generally there isnt anyone there at all. So we talked to her and she invited us into her yard and we talked for a little bit. She said that she was a member and lived in another ward close and had this house that she just visited to keep it up. She explained that she was having some problems in her life and that her daughter also had a lot of problems right now. She asked me if I would give her a blessing for strength. I did so and then we left thinking that we wouldnt ever see her more. Then when I got here I saw her in my new ward but couldnt remember where I had seen her. I remembered and we talked for a little bit last week. Yesterday we went by her house to visit her and her family and when we finished she said that is was great that she could have 3 priesthood holders in her house because there are just women. I told Her that we were there to serve and If she needed anything like a blessing or service we could help. I had forgotten a little about what had happened in my other area but she started talking about that day. She said that in her life she still has these problems but since that day the and the priesthood blessing she has had a diferent outlook. Before she was going to go talk to the bishop and tell him that she needed to be released from her calling because she had too many problems and she was really emotionally stressed. She said that after that she was able to take things as they came and do what she needed to do to fulfill her calling and do what she needed to in her life. It was amazing to me to think back to that day and remember that I just had a thought to contact a random house and then to see now what the lord did through me and my companion. It is amazing to see how through small things the lord can help so many people. It makes me think about all the other times I have talked to people or helped people. Even though it may seem that something that we did was a small act. In the big picture it could change the thoughts and attitude of someone. I am so happy that I am worthy and in tune with the spirit so that the lord can work through me. I know that this was all in the control of the lord and nothing that I did. I love what president monson said "I want the lord to know that if the lord needs someone to run and errand, Tom monson will run it for him." That is the importance of the spirit and worthiness in our lives. We can help so many people in all the things we do. 
I love you guys so much. I am so excited to talk to you guys this week!!!! I am going to call at 5 in chile. Which is 3 in utah and I think 5 in florida. I love you all so much!!! 
Les amo
Elder Hamilton