Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finally got his easter bag May 9!

Hello family.
It was so great to talk to you all this week. Happy mothers day to all of the moms and future moms out there. This week went really well. It went by so fast just like all of the weeks. I am liking my area a lot. It is a lot smaller but it is great and there are great people members and non members that want to help us. Yesterday we had a baptism that was so great. It was with Marlen. It was so great to see her do that and take this step to be baptised. It was awesome because she told us that she was fasting for her baptism. That was such a showing of her faith in god. We were so happy for her. She was crying and after she said that she just felt clean and new. It is so awesome to help people do these things. I know that it isnt us that really does it, it is the spirit that does the work but I am so happy to see these changes in the people. She has 3 kids and she said that now she is hoping that they well start having some more interest and follow her example. We have some great other people that we are teaching but they all have their problems or dificulties. One woman, besabe, is so great and has a lot of faith right now but legally she has to leave every sunday and go to santiago to take her kids to see their dad. She is praying and looking for a way to change that so that she can go to church but still hasnt been able to find a way. 
Another thing that made me so happy today is that when I got to the computer today and looked at the announcements from the asistants I saw a picture of a baptism and guess who got baptised!!!! ...... ELIAS!!! After a long time and a long battle with smoking he was able to stop and get baptised. I would have loved to been there to see it but that isnt what is important to me. What is most important is that he took this step. And I have to thank all of you for your prayers for him. I know that even noah liam and ben were praying that he could stop smoking. I know that all of our prays helped him do it. 
So this week went really well. Now I am ready to go with another week. I cant believe that I have been here in this area for almost three weeks now. It goes so fast. I hope all is well with everyone at home. Know that I love you all and I love receiving your letters. I may not be able to respond to you all which i am so sorry for but Time in the mission is really short. I would love to spend time writting each of you but I cant do that. Know that I love you all so much friends, family, or who ever you are. Thank you for your prayers and support I couldnt do this without the help from god and I know that your prayers are helping me a lot. I love you
Les quiero muchísimo
Elder Hamilton

We had a great visit with Tynan on Mother's Day. Erin, Mark and I didn't have our lap tops and so we were not able to group Skype. (we were in Florida) So I had him on my iPad, Erin was face timing with Ryan and Megan, and Mark had Nathan on Skype. It was great to have all of the family talking together. We haven't been together since Dec. 2011.  Thank goodness for technology.  Also Tynan said they have the worst apt in the mission and so I am assuming some of the above pictures are of that. The swan one is hilarious.  Cheryl