Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Much to get Done

Hola Familia
This week went by so fast just like the other ones. Everyone in the office says that it is always like that in the office because there is so much that needs to get done. Everything is going really well. this week we were able to find and teach more people en our area which was awesome. We taught some less actives and incomplete families. There are a lot of really great people here in chile I really do love working with them a lot. This last sunday we had a lesson with a young man whos friend lives in our ward. It was such a great spiritual lesson. Today my companion and I were talking about lessons where the spirit isnt only there but it is really the one teaching. I have been focusing on follow all promtings of the spirit. I have been so surprised that even the smallest thoughts were promtings of the holy ghost to help me. I have tried to think everyday how well I followed the spirit and what I need to do better. In our reading in the book of mormon I am reading in helaman. I love nephi Helamans son he is such a great example. It is interesting how god trusts him so much. I love reading in the book of mormon it is so full of great examples for us in how we need to live. It is so important that we read the book of mormon so that we can really have a testimony. 
This next week we will still have pday on saturday  we will just have pday the whole day. So I will be emailing during the brakes. and then we will buy what we need durring the other brake. 
The office is going good. You asked about the other elders.
Elder Arbon is from springville and only has 1.5 months left in his mission. He goes home in Nov.
Elder Call is from st george. His sister was serving in the south of chile and just went home like 5 weeks ago. When they went to the airport to get the new missionaries he actually got to see his sister going home. 
Elder Gonzales is from mexico and went to the school where I went for the mtc.
Elder and sister cluff are from arrizona. They are really great to have in the office. 
Elder Santillan is from california and was in the mtc with me. He is one of the asistents.
The other asistent is elder Sherwood from arizona too. 

I love you all so much. Have a great week. 
Elder Hamilton