Monday, June 8, 2015

For the last time from Chile Elder Hamilton

 Thank you all for your love and support of this great Elder on his mission.
He comes home Wed. 17 Delta flight at 10:22.  The airport is always crazy but anyone is welcome.
He will speak Sunday, June 21 at 1.  We will have a meet and greet just west of the building from 11:30-12:30. Cheryl


Last Zone Conference

These last two weeks were awesome. On thursday this last week we had a zone conference with presidente and sister Kahnlein. it was such a great conference. Sister Kahnlein talked about something that I loved. She talked about the experiences when we hear a talk or something that answers our prayers. She explained it a little different than I had always thought about. She said that god gives us experiences in life to prepare us for moments of teaching that we are going to have. There are so many times when that happens to me. I love when the spirit gives us preparation experiences that at first we dont understand and then after hearingt a talk or conference we understand why all that happened. It was presidents last conference so there were a lot of tears and goodbyes. Luckly I will still see them on sunday and monday
I have loved working in this branch these last few weeks. They were short but we are seeing miracles here. No only in baptisms but also with the members. 2 Weeks ago we sp'ent a whole saturday afternoon and night going with the branch president doing visits and on sunday there were 87 people at church, more than any other time for many months. We have been doing activities and animating all of the members to help in the work. The president asigned each member some families who they were to visit during this last week and it was awesome to go to houses during the week and see before entering that a member was already there doing a visit. I have learned that visiting and listening does wonders and miracles. As the leaders members and missionaries work together the lord blesses us so we can see fruit of our labor. 
Fun moment of the week. We went to pass by a less actives house and they were out looking in their telescope, one like dad used to have but smaller, and so we got to look at some cool stuff like jupiter and three of its moons it was awesome. We have wanted to go to an observitory here because Vicuña is known for its view of the stars but we cant so we were blessed with this oportunity. It made me remember when we used to do that in the backyard.
This next week is going to be great. Wow, I cant believe I really have gotten to this point. As a missionary you see the end of the mission as something unknown and distant and only for other missionaries. Then in the blink of an eye I am now here. It is hard to explain the torn feelings I have for ending my mission and the great feelings I have of thankfulness for all of you and above all for the lord. You cannopt understand the joy of the mission unless you´ve experienced it. It has been the hardes thing I have done but it has brought greater joy than I have experienced. I have grown to love so many people I barely even know. I have grown to love the lord and have a great desire to serve him and to do his will. I am not going to lie, I am a little nervious about going home and entering the "real world" but I know that as I apply what I have learned in , what my presidents wife onces called, the mtc of life, I will continue to grow and be guided by the spirit. I am so grateful for all that I have experienced and learned I have found that the hardest thing we face in life is humbling oursleves to gods will. That is the really challenge behind every trial. In many opportunities the mission has humbled me and cause that I have had to rely only on the lord. In the end I  have found that that is the easiest way to live. I found that I can choose to fight inside of me between my will and gods or I can be humble and give my will to god. I am grateful for the changes I have been able to make in my life and for the time that I have in lif to make the many more changes that I need to make. I have always strived to enjoy each moment of the mission even the hard ones because these are what make the good ones even better. 
I love the lord and know that he lives. He loves us and answers every one of our prayers even if we feel that he is silent. I have grown to rely on and love the spirit in my life. I have learned that I have that spirit not just becuae I am a missionary but it has to do with our very acts. Am I praying constantly, reading the scriptures daily, and going to church weekly, on top of striving to obey the lords other commandments? This is the lords church and his way to be eternally happy. I love the temple and know that the work we do in the temple is so important. I have deeply missed the influence in my life of the temple but am so grateful for the covenants we make in the temple becuase we receive the blessings where ever we are as we are obedient. I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support in each letter and prayer. 
If your interested in knowing, this is my schedule this week. Normal until sunday.
sacrament meeting 
bus to viña del mar
last interview with president
Visit converts and members
Diner with president and sister kahnlein
 Bus to santiago 
10:30 big hug for mom first and then everyone else.
I love you all so much. 
For the last time from chile Elder hamilton

 His Grandson- trainee of someone Tynan Trained.
 Branch Pres. and family