Monday, December 9, 2013

There are cows, horses, donkeys and lots of random animals on the side of the road. Very Strange

Food With Relief Society

His awesome tree

Things are going really good here in chile. This week was so fast, like most of them. I did get my package for christmas with my stocking in it. I loved your little decorations mom and I made myself a little tree with my lights. I dont know if there is a pension in the world that is as ready as I am for christmas. A lot of people are doing there lights and trees right now which is great. It still is really wierd because it is so warm, yes I am using sunscreen. It is really interesting how late they are to start christmas here. You would think that because they dont have thanksgiving they would start earlier, the united states has thanksgiving and they still start early, but no they dont do anything until like the end of november until now. I prefere starting the bigging of november, If I can even wait that long. 
Right now we are teaching two people that are progressing and others too. We had a lession with an investigator named Elias and he had a question about the holy ghost and how we could feel and recognize the holy ghost. He has asisted many other churches and said that He doesnt understand because in almost every church they say that the holy ghost is felt through dancing and singing loud songs and a bunch of amens and stuff like that. We taught about the holy ghost and how we can feel his influence in our lives. He said after that he felt a lot of peace and tranquility when we are there with him and he can tell that that is the holy ghost. In our next lession he told us that the other day his friend offered him a cigaret and for the first time he was able to say no, because he is trying to stop smoking. he said that he had prayed to feel the spirit and to have the power to stop smoking and say no. It was a really spiritual experience. I have learned so much about the spirt in my mission and how we can have the spirit and learn from the spirit. I have never had a time in my life when I have felt the spirit in all of my life. Everyday and all the time. I love it. It is a feeling that I can only get from serving the lord like I am right now. I am so grateful for the spirit in my life and what I am learning right now. I cant believe I have almost been in chile for 4 months and I have 5 months in my mission. It has gone by so fast for me and I have learned so much. I am excited for the next 1.5 years to learn and grow more. 
Thank you for all of your support in the experience that I am having I cant express enough my gratitude for your prayers and help in this time of my life. I know it may just seem like something small, a prayer for the missionaries or... I dont know, something else but I really do see every little thing that my family is doing right now and has always done for me in my life. It is wierd because I actually feel like I have grown closer to all of you, friends, family, or posibly a stranger that is just reading this. I love you all and am praying for you all. 
Te amo
Elder Hamilton