Monday, December 2, 2013

A week of being thankful

Hola Familia

I am doing really good this week. It was such a fast week. I did what you told me mom and really tried to focus on the things that I am thankful for. It was such a great week and such a great idea to do. When you think about one thing it generally leads you to think about another thing and before you realize it you have so many things that you are thankful for. It really is a blessing. We have so many amazing things in our lives. This was the only thing I did for thanksgiving. Wasnt super great. But I loved your thanksgiving meal on the plane mom. 
I got my package on tuesday which was awesome. So now my pension is all decked out with christmas lights. I love it. It was fun because last night we went to the house of the sister that does our laundry and we helped them set up their christmas tree. So I got to do a little bit of decorating this year which was really fun. There are some houses here that have lights set up for christmas and more and more everyday. Not as much as home but still it is fun to see them. There is light here until like 9 so it isnt very dark for very long. 
The work is doing good. We are teaching a few different people and just looking around to find more people to teach. I am liking this area a lot. We have changes in 2 weeks, time is going so fast, so we will see what happens. I think we will both stay here because what I have heard is that the changes before christmas generally arent really that big. But there is still a posibility. I really like my companion he is really nice. I am glad that you guys are doing good and are able to be with nathan. Tell him hi and that I love him. 
It is so wierd that it is almost christmas. The weather here makes it feel like it is like may or june. I am really excited to talk to you guys in a few weeks we dont know anything about when or anything. We do have a zone conference next week so I think we will get mail but I dont know. It is a zone conference with the president and I dont remember if in the last one we got mail when in this conference so we will see. I would think that they would try to give us mail before christmas but really I dont know. If not. thats fine I will have a great christmas present after. 
Like I said the best thing for me this week was thinking about all the things I am thankful for. We really are so blessed in our lives and when we realize that and give thanks for that we show our love for the lord and our heavenly father. I am so happy I have this knowledge about the truth. I am so happy I have all of you guys for your support and your love. I hope you are all doing good and are safe and health. I love you so much.
Te amo
Elder Hamilton