Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi mom 
I am doing really good this week. I think this has been one of my favorite weeks in my mission. It wasnt all easy but it was great. I have learned a lot about my self and about the gospel and I love it. I really feel like I am growing everyday. I love being able to focus so much on the gospel of Jesus Christ and have that be such a center of my life. 
This week I learned a lot about patience. I definately havent perfected this attribute of christ yet but I have gotten a lot better in my mission at being patient. Some times it is hard to communicate things with you guys that we need to communicate but I am learning to be more patient and just do what I can do. Then I just focus on what I need to focus on. It doesnt mean that it fixes the problem but sometimes I cant do anything about that right. 
This week we had the baptism of carmen. She is really great and was so happy and ready to be baptised. We went in the morning to fill up the font and we didnt have hot water so we were trying to fix it and ultimatly we just used the chapel that is in the area next to ours. It was really great and the spirit was so strong. Now we are going to work with her to get her to the temple. We have some other people that we are working with and some are progressing. So we are going to keep going with them. We are working to find new people to teach. It has been really hard. here is really different because there arent a lot of people that are in the street. We have to knock doors. which isnt always as productive and efective. 
I am really liking my area, district and companion. There are 6 ´people in my district 2 hermanas y 4 elderes. One of the elders actually served in esperanza where I served so thats fun to talk about the people there. We had a district activity today which was really fun. We played soccer (like every activity haha) and had sushi!! it was great. My companion is really great. He is working on learning english so it is fun to help him with that. He has progressed a lot in the three weeks we have been together. His dream is to go to utah to live and study languages. He has a lot of determination and is a really hard worker so it has been a lot of fun to work with him. 
Really everthing is going good here. I am excited to talk to you guys in one month! I love you so so much
Te amo
Elder Hamilton