Monday, November 4, 2013

He got his package!

I have to start by saying how spoiled I was to have to sons go in the states and how easy it was to get them things. So far all of our mail has been received by Tynan no problem, but he only gets it at zone conferences- every 6 weeks- which is a bit frustrating. His birthday package has been at the office since Oct 7- but missed his conference and he wasn't going to receive it until mid Nov. So I was really happy to read he asked for it. Cheryl

Hola Familia
I am doing great and had a really good week. First, congrats to chris and makayla in your wedding! We had a really good week this week. We found more people to teach which is so great and I have a lot of hope in a few of them. We are actually teaching 2 families who are really great. The both have a lot of faith in God and Christ and really love listening to our messages. I love it when we get to teach. Imediately all of the walking and hard work disapears and all you focus on are the people and how you can help them in this moment. The hardest thing is to find time that they can be taught. A lot of people say that they are only available one day in the week. A lot of times we pass by and talk to them other days too. We are so happy to be seeing so much progress and change in the area and the ward. We are a little nervious about changes this wednesday because we dont want to leave. But what ever happens will be the right thing. It is so wierd that it has been another 6 weeks here in esperanza. Time flys by so fast it is crazy. All of the progress that I have seen has really strengthened my testamony that when we feel like we have done all we can do or walk as far as we can go, if we go a little farther we are going to see miracles. There was one day this week that I was just exausted, physically and mentally. I prayed to find the strength to keep going and keep walking. After that it wasnt like my burdens and challenges were just taken away from me and I didnt feel them anymore but I was able to push through it, with the help of god, I know it. I think this goes for anything in life. When we have challenges or trials in life and we feel like we cant go any farther. I know that if we can push a little more and pray for help from god, we will receive that help and we will be able to do everything we need to do. It wont be easy, its life. Sometimes it may be harder after. But I know that we can get through any trial or challenge that we have in our lives if we turn to god. One of the things I have learned about the atonement and I love it that the atonement not only paid for our sins but Christ felt everything. All the trials, pains, challenges, everything. So when we think that no one know how we are feeling in this moment remember Christ does know and he is here to help us if we ask. So JUST KEEP SWIMMING! or walking. 
It has been getting warmer here which is great. But still not too warm so that is really great. There is always a little wind to cool us down and people always give us water or juice. Halloween was good. Nothing to exciting. It is definately not as big as in the united states but still there were a lot of little kids that were dressed up and walking around for candy. We wanted to change our nametags and be the other person for the day and knock on doors and say "message or treat." We actually did get some treats from people which was nice. Their candy for halloween isnt very great it is just like tiny candys that are general. I missed the reeses and kitkats haha. We had three people in our companionship forsunday and this morning until we droped him off at the offices. That was fun to have someone else with us for a day. When we were at the offices I saw the mail room and my package so I asked if I could have it and I got it. I didnt get any letters or anything so I dont know what else I have there but I was happy to get my package. When I opened it I kept saying, my mom knows me so well. haha. 
Things are going great here. I am happy and excited for this week, a little nervous waiting for wednesday but we will just have to wait and see what happens. I will let you all know this next week. 
I love you all
Les Amo
élder Hamilton