Monday, October 28, 2013

Hola Familia 
¡Una semana muy buena! (A week very good)
I am doing good here in chile! Thank you for all of the birthday emails. I had a great birthday different but great. It isn´t like I ever did anything really huge for my birthday anyway. I will let you know what I did in a minute. About mail... I just sent out some letters to some people. And receiving... Nothing I dont have another zone conference for I think 2 weeks so I will get other mail then. I think your other box should get here by then mom. 
For my birthday my companion woke me up at 3:30 in the morning singing happy birthday with a little cake (a cake that is in a wraper and you can by in the stores here, But dont get me wrong they are actually really good and only like 50 cents) and a candle. In the morning nothing to exciting we had church and then lunch. We picked up the lunch from the sister and took it to the apartment because they had to leave for family stuff but I actually liked that better haha. We bought icecream and had that with more mini cakes. We had study time like always and then got out to work. It was going good a little frustrating because no one was home. My companion always asks why the missionary manuel (little white book with all the rules) says that saturdays and sundays are the best days to find people in there houses because they never are. But it was good. We had just watched a video called the district for our studies, they actually showed it on byu tv one time, and it showed a bunch of missionaries bearing their testimonies and giving words of encouragement so I was like "ok Lets go!" and then we had appointments fall through and no one was home but something that one of the elders said stuck with me. He said when you feel like you cant go any farther and you keep going a little father that is when the miracles and blessings come. Well thats how I was feeling, no not really that bad, but then we had two great lessions with investagators that are progressing. In both lessions I could feel the spirit so strong and I know that they could too! One is named jonathon, he is like 22 and living with his girlfriend he has a lot of interest and expecially after this last lession I felt like he is understanding more of the gospel and the importance of it in his life. After we had a lession with Jose, he is 34 and MARRIED (YAY!!). His brother died a little bit ago and actually his friend died this last week so he has a lot of interest in the plan of salvation. He too is starting to recognize the spirit in his life. He said that Everytime we visit he feels different and there is a feeling of peace and joy in his house. And at the end of the lession my companion said that It was my birthday and he gave me a jar of nutella. haha It was so nice.
I think this week I realized most the importance of reading and praying about the book of mormon. When we come in contact with people in the street and they say that they have a copy of the book of mormon of have heard about the church we always ask If they have read and prayed about the book of mormon. I have yet to hear someone say yes. We give people this ability to know and if people wont do it they will not know. It is amazing. We have this great promise for us in the book of mormon that when we will pray about the book we will recieve an answer. I know that if we pray we will get an answer. Sometimes it wont be the answer we may expect or want but we will get an answer. That is why I can have such confidence in telling people that they can read and know.
I love you all so much. Thanks for your prayers and support. 
Te amo 
Elder Hamilton