Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Patriotic Elder

His District

Things here are going good. This week has been better than last week which was great. I just decided that I need to be patient with myself. And try to do all that I can do without getting overwhelmed like I was close to being last sunday. But Things are good. It was great because throughout the week I saw so many answers to my prayers. Just little things but when you look for them they are there. 
We are working with some investagators right now and they are progressing some more then others and all of them a little slowly. One of them is eliza. She is older and has a daughter that is inactive in the church. Her husband died 3 years ago I think so we have been talking a lot about the plan of salvation with her. This last week we talked to her about after this life and the temple. It was so great because we were able to explain to her where her husband is and how she can see him again and be with him forever. I have such a strong testamony of the temple from when I would try and go each week with olivia to do baptisms and when I got to go through the temple and did that each week leading up to my mission. It was great to be able to help another person with my testamony. That is really a lot of missionary teaching, is bearing testamony of what I know to be true. I know that we are able to receive so many blessings from the temple in our lives and we are able to help other people in their lives too. Go to the temple even if it is just to walk around or sit outside, that is one of my favorite things to do on sunday (shout out for olivia). There is a peace that is all around and in the temple that cant be found anywhere else in the world. It truly is the most peaceful and yes "the happiest place on earth." 
Since I got that little disney plug in my letter I will answer the question that I have been asked by some people. No I am not dying because I haven´t been able to go to disneyland. I still love it and each time the truck with the gas (remember that there are gas trucks that drive arround and play childrens music like ice cream trucks in the us) drives by and plays its a small world I always smile. Haha. 
There really isn´t too much to say this week. We had a training meeting in my ward that me and my companion did on wednesday that went really well. There werent too many people there, like 20, but we got 8 references from it so that is great. We also had stake conference yesterday which was really great, including hearing from the president and his wife. And today we had a district activity where we played basketball and through a football around and had pizza. It was nice to take a break from futbol, soccer, because we do play that a lot down here. 
There is a talk from general conference that I would encourage everyone to read because It is fantastic. It is called "choose eternal life" and it is in the sunday afternoon session in october 2011 and it is by Randall Bennett. It is a really great talk that I read this morning in my study. 
I love you all so much and hope things are going good for everyone in your lives. 
Have a great week. 
Te amo
Elder Hamilton

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