Monday, October 7, 2013

Hola Familia 
Conference was AMAZING. I loved every minute of it. This was my favorite conference ever. Posible because I am already on such a spiritual high, being on a mission, so having a whole weekend to hear the words of the prophets was awesome. I watched it at our stake center. I got to watch the whole thing in english which was a huge help. I think I would have understood it generally in spanish but not enough to take notes and really apprieciate it in total. I would love a copy of the ensign next month though to go through and mark and reread. I absolutly loved the talk by Elder Monson. Im not sure exactly why I think a lot of it was his emotion and sincerity. But all of the talks were so good and there were so many talks that were, as we call them, "cutting talks" because they cut down on obedience and working hard. It was awesome. I was blessed and so happy to be able to watch music and the spoken word. I loved seeing the choir again!. The pictures of Utah only made me happy not sad at all. I really loved the pictures of temple square and the conference center. I love going up and walking around there. Something else I realized with conference is how it really is world wide. I really realized how far I am from conference. I always was just an hour away but now I see that we really are one world wide church that has the oportunity to unite every 6 months. And Almost all of the prayers in conference prayed for the missionaries and I realized something that you always say mom, There are so many people praying for the missionaries. ANd I promise you I have never felt the power of prayers, mine and others, in my life before. Prayer works and we all receive the blessings from prayer. Thanks for your prayers for me. I am praying for you everyday. 
Today we have a activity de zona and the zone leaders said that we are getting mail today. YAY!!!! finally and they said that there is a lot so I believe I am getting my mail today so I will let you all know how that goes next week and what I get. I am not really near the mountains I cant see them. I am really close to vina del mar central. Like a 10 minute drive. I have felt 3 or 4 earthquakes. Not big and always while I am sleeping in the morning I will wake up to the world shaking. 
As for the work. I have two comps right now. My companion elder abarca and my district leader elder gutierez. My district leader is with us because his companion went home and so until he gets another companion, if he does before the next change in 4 weeks, he is with us. We know he is going to be with us for at least one week other than that we dont know anything. We are working in both of our areas because his is right next door. So our investagator pool just doubled which is nice. We were hoping on having people at conference but we dont think that happened unfortunately. We had two baptismal dates for the 26th of october but they didnt asist so we have to move them back. They are both from menos active families and both have like 17 years. We are finding more people to teach. Sometimes it is hard becuase they say they can only be taught one day a week so they cant progress very fast. WE are praying and fasting and hoping for 2 baptisms in esperanza, my area and the word for HOPE in spanish. I am loving being able to talk to the people here more. It is great to get to know the members more and talk to them during lunch. And when we are on the bus I am about to turn to the person sitting next to me and talk to them for a little bit. The people here are great. It is really different, just the customes and the situations and other things, but I like it a lot. 
I am learning more every day about my self, the work, the church, and my life. This is such an awesome experience that I am having and I am so blessed to be able to have it. I hope you all were able to watch conference. Expecially sunday morning. I thought it was so interesting how all of the talks had something in common an idea or a scripture or something. Go and reread them I am so excited to do that too.
It was interesting because of the time change it felt wierd because I am used to waking up and watching the first session. But the times were 1-3 5-7 and 9-11. Late night out on saturday night!!! As close as we missionaries can get to a late night out, going to conference. But I wouldnt change anything because I loved it. 
I love you all so much.
Te amo 
Elder Hamilton