Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blessed to see Ocean

HI Family
This week was really great. The time flew by, like every week I guess. I am still in esperanza with my same companion which I am really happy about. It has been fun to get to know him more and we are working together really well so it will be good to have another transfer with him. And I am really happy to still have my views of the ocean and the city. especially at night when the sun goes down. It is so beautiful. And we are actually teaching people now so that would have been hard to leave right when we are really starting to teach people. No I havent gotten any other mail yet. Ari´s was normal mail not dear elder. I am sure that they have everything at the office but I just havent gotten it yet. I think because it was transfers they waited a week or two because people were going to be moving areas. I have an interview with the president tomorrow so maybe then. I cant believe tomorrowis October. September was gone before it started I feel like and now I have been in chile longer than in mexico which is a huge thing that I am so happy about. 
You asked about blessings from obedience and I definately have felt the blessings. Nothing huge but even just the oportunity to feel the spirit and feel so close to our savior all day is a blessing I love so much. I wrote in my journal the other day, yes I am writing, that I never want to get used to the feeling of having the spirit with me all the time on my mission because that is one of the greatest parts. Also I feel the blessing of spanish in my life a lot. I am doing much better with the language still have a lot to learn especially vocab wise but even the people who have been here for 1 year have to look things up sometimes. But I am able to talk a lot more without thinking to much about it and I understand even more. I am working on talking more to members people in the street and my companion for practice. Our goal for this transfer is to speak total spanish all the time and have 2 baptisms. I am a quiet person sometimes so I am trying to talk more haha. We also have found more and more people to teach which is deffinately a blessing in my live and mission. So we have a lot hope for some of the people we are teaching so we will see what happens.
The rules really arent to hard to keep. We just keep doing our best and try to keep them all. The hardest are only having one hour for lunch, because the members sometimes like to talk a lot and eat slow, and not being able to go into houses with just women. Now dont worry we never break this rule but the elders here before us did so all the members think that it is ok and we have to explain that it isnt ok and it is against the rules. ANd It is difficult with investigadors because they dont understand either but it is a rule for a reason and I totally understand. Just like the other rules I have felt blessings from keeping this rule. 
For contacts we contact on the street and some doors. THe ward unfortunatly doesnt do much we are working with the word council to have them help more with refrences but they always just say they dont know anyone. We receive some every week though which is good. 
Things are great here. I still am loving it more and more everyday. This is the true church I have no doubt. I know that everyone is able to know that for themselves. This work is so important. It is wierd and sometimes difficult to have the feeling that I am doing something successful when people around me are not to happy or excited to talk to us. But like I said I can feel the spirit the whole time and It is such a blessing in my life. I am so excited for conference this week and I hope everyone listens and watches our leaders and prophets teach us. 
I love you all so much. 
Be safe in all you do and pray always, I promise you it works.
Te amo 
Elder Hamilton