Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone
This week was really good. I had a great Christmas and Absolutely loved talking to mom and dad and seeing the larson family. For christmas eve. I had the traditional homemade pizza and we opened one present. Thanks for the pjs. On christmas we opened our stockings and other presents that we had received from the ward members. It was really good. We both have a lot of chocolate right now haha. Enough to last for like two months. Christmas eve we had a fun family night with a recient convert. On christmas we had a district meeting that we have every week. But it was a little christmasy. It was so great to talk to you guys and to hear your voices. 40 minutes was really short but I know that the next 5 months will go by really fast so it will be good for mothers day. 
A lot of people were busy but we were still able to teach our investigadors and other people. This week is the new year. Feliz Año Nuevo!! This holiday is actually bigger than christmas here. Viña del mar is famous for their fireworks for the new year. It is 30 minutes straight of fireworks that is along the ocean from concon, viña, valparaiso, and another city too. It is a lot of beach with fireworks. But from here in Quilpue we cant see the beach so we will only hear the fireworks. I dont really know what we are doing for the new year. We have permision to be outside with a family til 11:30 or 12 so we probably will just see if we can find a family to do stuff with. 
I really had a good week. I have learned a lot about the pioneers in my mission. I know it is a little random. But I have studied different liahonas and stories about the pioneers and I have such a stong love for their story and their faith and testimonys. They really did so much. Especially to leave their houses and land to move west. Many people here that are less active in my ward are less active because they closed the chuch building and united two wards. They always say that the new ward just wasnt the same. We often speak about the pioneers and how they too had to move to something new but they did it because it was what the lord had in store for them. It is really interesting because mom always says the church is true in all of the world. I have really felt more of that than ever. The church really is the same, ok not exactly, but the messages and beliefs are the same everywhere. 
I love it because it always makes me feel like im not so far from everyone. I still have members that are great here. 
I am doing good and hope you all are well. Have a great new year. I am excited to spend all of 2014 here in chile. I love you so much
Les amo mucho
Elder Hamilton.