Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014

Elder Huertas- Companion

The sky here is different than at home. I love it!

There are donkeys everywhere

Hi family.
I am doing good and had a great week and a great new year. 
For new years we had a dinner with our "mom" (The sister that does our laundry) and her family. It was fun. We had permition to be outside til 11 and then we were awake until like12:15. We just said happy new year and went to bed. We could hear all of the big fireworks that are in vina del mar but couldnt see them.  Our new years day was a little interesting. We were studing in the morning in our personal study and when we started our companion study we realized that we both studied the same thing... patience. haha yes I am learning to be more patient. And we needed a lot of patience. First we were waiting for 45 minutes for a taxi from our district meeting to our house. Then we found out that one of our investigators moved to the other side so now wer are not her missionarys. And no one was in their house so we were walking around a lot. so it was good that we had studied that and we really used it that day. I have noticed that a lot in my mission. When we put forth the effort to study the scriptures and other things of god we will find parts of our life to apply them. And then today we went to the government building to do some paperwork for my visa and we waited in line for 1 hour before finding out that we were in the wrong line and had to change lines. so now we have to wait a little until our number is up to do the paperwork. So we just keep telling eachother that we need to be patient this week. If you think the government seems un organized and really slow when we go to the DMV you need to come and try this in chile. WE still have like 3 hours to wait. haha. I am very grateful for the united states.
But really it was a good week. We found some new investigators that are really good. And Some of our investigators are progressing. We have a baptism the 18th of january. His name is elias and he has listened to the missionaries before but never could stop smoking. Right now he is doing better and is progressing a lot. We still have to teach him different things and he has studied a lot of religion all of his life so he has a lot of doubts that we are working on helping him with. 
My companion is doing good. He has the support of his family but he is having problems with his email acount and we cant figure out what is it. He hasnt gotten any of the emails from his family in the month that he has been in the mission. I cant imagine how hard that would be. I am sad when I dont here from you guys after one week. He talked to his family on christmas and they are good but we are trying to figure our the problem. I think it is something wrong with the account of his brother or something so I am going to have him give them my email so they can email me and we can see if I can get it. I think that they need to create a acount with google and it would be easier. 
I hope everyone had a great new years. Every time I saw flowers and plants I thought about the rose parade. I am excited for 2016 when we are going to go! I have always wanted to see it. 
I love you so much. 
Elder Hamilton