Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quilpue- City of Sun

Tynan's district. They played games for p-day. He was happy it wasn't soccer

Hola Familia.
¿Como esta todo? Espero que ustedes estén teniendo un invierno muy bueno. Estoy disfrutando mi verano mucho. Hace calor pero tenemos viento casi cada día. 
haha A little spanish for everyone. I am doing really good and had a good week. I am enjoying the weather here in the city of sun. Yes Quilpue really is called the city of sun. But really it isnt that bad. I still think that it is hotter in utah during the summer. 
Last monday we had interviews with the president which was so great. I always love when we see the president. Everything went really well he encouraged me to keep working hard and striving to be obedient everyday. He asked me what my goals were for the year and I didnt really know what to say because I havent always been the type of person to make goals every year but after I really though about it and made some goals. I am really hoping to learn more about the book of mormon this year. We are reading it 4 times this year as a mission and I am excited to be studying it so much. This week was really good. I had a few lessons that were really great. I love it when me and my companion are so in tune with the spirit that we can feel it so strong in every lesson and we feel like the lessons really are led by the spirit. The spirit is something really important in my life right now and for all of us. I loved your experience with the sacrament mom. Really that is the importance for the church every week. I have learned that really we need to do 3 things as members to keep our faith. They are the three things that we are always comitting our investigators to do. Leer el libro de mormon, Orar, y asistir a la iglesia. These things are really important for all of our testimonies. I know it may seem like things so small. And really they are. They are the three basic primary answers to almost every question in the church. ANd that is why we learn them in primary. Because they are so important. 
Also I have learned a lot about the members and how important they are in the conversion and change that takes place in the investigators. One of the members of the family Orlando, is 17 old. They moved here about a year ago and he didnt really have much friends because the schools here and not by where they live they are basically all private schools and they can choose where they want to go. We introduced him to a member that is the same age and invited him to the mutual that is friday here. He went and now has gone to mutual for two weeks and different activities with the youth. In our last lesson with him yesterday he seemed so much more happier and was talking about the youth and the activities. It was so great. He is progressing more than the others in his family. He is studing a lot. We have these pamphlets that we use to teach and in the back there is like another additional study if someone wants to do more. He is the first investigador that I have had that actually did everything and answered the questions. I was a little shocked but so happy. 
I really am liking this area a lot and my companion is doing really great. He is learning so much and we are teaching a lot more together. 
I am so happy with my mission right now and am excited for another week. We have 1.5 weeks left in this transfer so we will see what is going to happy the following transfer. 
I love you all so much and am thinking about you daily. I love you
Les amo
Elder Hamilton 

We don't have to worry about him eating. He says his comp is a great cook.

This reminded him of the Lion, Witch and wardrobe

This is a pet bunny- not one for food.