Monday, March 10, 2014

Be Active!

 I had sent him a cheesecake mix. He said it was delicious!

Hi family. 
I had a great week this week. The first thing I want to say is that I strongly encourage everyone to be active in the church, active in your calling, and active in how you are living the gospel. I know that sometimes it doesnt seem like it really makes that much of a difference but I am telling you that yes it really does. How grateful I am that I have the gospel in my life. The blessings we get every day are so important in our lives. Sometimes it isnt always easy to see the blessings in our lives but I promise you they are there. I am so happy that I am able to be here in chile serving the lord. I know that there really isnt a better way to live than in the service of god. Maybe it is on a full time mission or in a calling in the nursery all of the service we give is so important. I know that sometimes we can be overwhelmed with everything we have to do but I know that if we put the church first in our lives with prayers, scriptures, and the other things we are asked to do we will receive help in every part of our lives. It doesnt matter if it seems like we dont have much time for family or for work but I promise you that we can do all the lord asks us to do and when we do it we are going to get more happiness than we thought was possible. I watched the movie about the life of president monson this week and I think he is a great example of this, when we dedicate our lives to the lord every part of our life is blessed. This also means that as family members you need to support the ones in the family that have these responsablilities Sister monson was a great example of that. Sorry to go off on that but I really have realized the blessings of the gospel in our lives more than any other time in my life. We are working with a family right now that is really changing. It is the family of the boy that got baptized two weeks ago and his dad was in active for like 30 years. I was talking to my companion yesterday about how we have seen that they are different now with the gospel in their lives. They have a lot more unity in their family. It is amazing the miracles that the lord brings into our lives. 
Also as missionarys we get to have the opportunity, ok sometimes it isnt that great, to hear about the problems that are in the ward and with the people. Something that I have learned to love and use a lot in my life is what my mom has always said "everything will be alright." Life is way easier if you can just look for the happy possitive things in life. Really all we need is this faith. And I know that we all can find this faith in our lives. I know that I have been blessed with a lot of faith in my life and I am so gratefull for that but I know also that we can all find that faith in our lives. 
I am doing really great. We have changes this week and I think one of us will change but really I have no idea we will just have to wait and see. We have had a few earthquakes this week. Well really they are not that big so they arent earthquakes but I dont remember what their called in english, if they have a word in enlish, they are temblores. The thing is is that we have them in the night usually. We had one this week that was a little bigger like 5.something. It was in the middle of the night and I just slept right through it. My companion woke up and said that there was a lot of movement but I didnt feel anything ahaha. So I told him the next time he needs to wake me up so I can feel it to. 
You asked about lessions mom. Generally we teach like 10-12 lessions to investigators and 8-12 to less actives. We have goals for everything. Not because the numbers are what is important but because it is important to have a set thing to work for each day and week. We have personal goals, companion, district, and zone goals. 
I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing great. I am so happy for kevin and his call to Paris that is so awesome. When I learn french one day he can help me too. The whole hamilton family will be speaking french together. 
I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week. Happy Birthday to erin this week!!
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

There are always fires here. Both because of People and it is hot and the wireing in the houses arent that safe. Everyone hear smokes too. It is almost like they havent heard that it is bad for you but they all know it is. It is stupid. 
Denise sent him some mickey play dough for valentines.