Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome new companion

 New companion Elder Artiga from Guatemala 
Goodbye to my "son"

Hola Familia Estoy muy bien y feliz aquí en quilpue. 
Hi I am doing great and am happy in quilpue. I didnt change areas so I am still here for 6 more weeks. I will be here for at least 6 months. I am happy because I like this area and the people here a lot so I have always said that If I was in an area for a longer time I would want it to be this area. I have a new companion named Elder Artiga from El Progreso Guatemala. He has one year in his mission. He is a really great missionary and I am so happy to learn from him. I am really happy to have someone who has more time than me. It is great to be training but I am happy to have the opportunity to learn how I can be  a better missionary. He is always happy and laughing so we are always laughing together which also is really great. I have realized that I can stress myself out a little bit sometimes. I think I get it from dad haha I dont know. But I am happy that we are laughing so much. I really have realized a lot in my mission how much god really knows me and knows what is important for me in my life right now. I have had many experiences in my mission where things have happened in my life right when I needed them. He is a great missionary and we are working together really well so I am really happy with this change. My old companion didnt think that he would be changed so he was a little suprised but that is what happens in the mission. 
You asked a little about church on sunday. At church we always have a lot of things to do. People that we need to talk to and we need to show investigators where to go generally. This week we didnt have any investigators but we had some less actives there. Sometimes we have to teach the class for the investigators but right now we have a teacher who generally is here so she has been doing it. I miss the sundays that were just nice and relaxing at church and in the house but I like what I am doing. We also meet with our ward mission leader to plan things. Right now they are doing a lot of changes in the ward leaders so we have to talk to new leaders and plan what we are going to do to work. This ward and the members generally are really great to work with. They want to help and are willing to do it. Sometimes it is hard with work and everything. And everyone lives so far away with hills in between. That is when it is really hard not having cars here in chile. Not for us but even just for the members. They just use buses and things like taxis but it is more difficult to get around it is all by walking. But we try our best to work around it. 
Things are going good here and I am liking it a lot. We are still working with the morales family. I have talked a little about them. Enrique morales is a member but less active for 20+ years. His son was baptized 3 weeks ago and now we are working with his girlfriend. That is one of the most anoying things here in chile. NO ONE IS MARRIED!!! It is so annoying because the people here and maybe in the rest of the world dont think it is important. (Thank you satan) But we are going to teach the gospel and the spirit is going to tell them that it is important. 
I hope you are all doing good and are health. If you heard about the earthquake here it was in the north and I didnt feel anything. And so that you all know. I think that next week my pday will betuesday because we have a zone conference witht the president on monday. Yay I love it when we do stuff with the president. So I think I will talk to you on tuesday. I love you all so much. Thanks for your love support and prays. Be happy and pray. Study the words of the living prophets to get ready for general conference. We only have two weeks. I love conference!!! I love you all. Oh and it is starting to get a little more cold here so I am jealous of you all that are entering into summer SO enjoy it. I love you
Elder Hamilton