Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I love conference

Conference in English

Hola Familia
This week was great because we had conference. I loved conference so much. I am so happy that we have the opportunity to listen to the prophet and the general athorities every 6 months. I really felt like we got a lot of need advice for the world we live in. I really loved the talk from elder Uchtdorfsunday morning and the talk about gratitude. I have learned a lot about gratitude in my mission. I love looking at all of the good things we have in life. I got to watch it in english with the other english missionaries. I loved hearing the choir. I love the spirit that comes into our lives through the music of the conference. 
As for the people we are teaching. To be honest we couldnt find a lot of people this week. I dont know why but they werent in their houses when we passed or we didnt have time to pass for them. And we had a lot of people tell us that they were going to go to conference but no one came. Everyone always has their escuses but it is hard to see satan working in other people. I knew before my mission that it was going to be hard to watch people make thier own choices. I wish sometimes that I could just give these people my faith. I have so much love for the people here and I understand more than ever that this is the most important message in the world so I just want them to make these choices to follow christ but sometimes they dont want to make these choices. I am really looking forward to working even harder this week to do better. 
I have been focusing my study a lot in the will of god and how we can do the will of god. I am learning more about the changes I need to make so that I can have the will of god control my life. Then in conference there were a lot of great talks about change and how we need to change to be better. We are getting closer and closer to the second coming of the lord and we need to help him with his work. When we do this we have his spirit with us and his blessings. I loved what someone said this week about how when we obey a commandment we will have a blessing yes or yes. And when we disobey a commandment we will lose a blessing. I want to strive all my life to have all of the blessings I can in my life. 
I really enjoy the mission life. It is great to have the spirit everyday and be doing the lords work. I love that I am laughing everyday while I am doing it. I hope that I can do this work the way that the lord wants. I love you all so much. 
Les amo
Elder Hamilton