Monday, April 21, 2014


Happy Easter to everyone. I love the meaning of this holiday. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each of us. 
Here we really didnt hear or see anything big for easter. In church this week they really didnt say anything about easter. WE did have a talk about the atonement but that was it. It was really just a long weekend here for work. I hope that you all had a fun weekend and did a lot to remember Christ this week. 
This week was really great I loved it. First because I had a dream come true. I WAS A MORMON HELPING HAND!!!!! I have always wanted to do that but we never do that in utah because every service project it through the church and almost everyone is a member. So I was so happy that I got to do that. We went friday to Valparaiso, where they had the big fire, and helped in a warehouse where they were receiving food, clothes, and other suplies from all over chile and also we helped in the hills clear out some of the rubble.  I was so supprised at how fast they were able to get food and supplies from people from all over chile. We were unloading semi´s full of stuff for these people. It was so crazy because in the hills it was literally like a war zone. There was nothing in these areas with the fires. There were a lot of people there helping, from and not from the church. It was great to go and help out. It is crazy because in this city is famous for its hills and how the houses are just built on top of eachother and that is why so much burned. There arent very many streets, it is more stairs and paths, so the firefighters couldnt get up to the areas where they had the fires. It was sad to see it all but they are working fast to get everything clean so they can start building again. 
Also this week I was really happy because Elias our investigator is progressing a lot more right now. He has been fighting cigarets for some time now but this last week he didnt smoke at all!! So thank you for your prayers. I know that they helped. I sure have learned a lot about patients with him. haha. But I know that god always will answer our prayers in his time not in our time. We are hoping that he will keep going strong with that and that he can keep progressing. He has a goal for baptism for 4th of may. I dont know if I will be here to see him be baptised but I am so happy for this time that I have had to work with him and help him. I really have seen so many miracles and changes in him and his life. He wants this a lot and I am happy that he is working hard to have these blessings. 
I love what I am doing and how much I am learning. We have the posibility to change this week and this time I really think I am going to change areas because I now have been here for almost 6 months but we will see what happens. I love you all so much. Have a great week. 
Les Amo
Elder Hamilton

(He sent a lot of photos of the destruction from the fire.  In many of them you can see the houses that did get did not burn.  The houses are stacked with no way to get to them with water to put out.  Tynan said to me that people are used to disasters and they will just clean it up and build again, probably exactly the same. He also said that people are very eager to help.  According to the Church news no churches were damaged and members were all safe.  CH)

The Ocean!! First time I have seen it for 6 months!