Monday, December 8, 2014

Decorating for the Mission Office

 Hugs for Pres and Sister Kahnlein
 District leader Conference

Hi Family
Another week has passed and here we are again. This week went just as fast as each week. The life in the mission in so fast and it is even more in the office. As you can see in my pictures "it is beginning to look a lot like christmas." I had the great opportunity to decorate a tree in our department and in the mission office. It was fun to be able to do that and I received great comments from some of the missionaries and the president. We had mission leadership counsel this week which went very well. That is the meeting with all of the zone leaders and the sister leadership trainers. It was the last time I will get to give a little presentation because the next time I will have my "son". I cant believe I have already been in the office for so long it flies by. I love every part of it. A lot of times it is very stressful and there is always a lot to do but I love doing it. I have enjoyed learning a lot durring this time. We still have the whole month of december before the next transfers so I still have a lot of time to work which makes me happy. I cant believe that in a little bit Brandon goes home. I am sure Carlene is really happy and looking forward to that day. 
Everything is going well in my area. We found a new investigator this week that is really great. She was budist but really open to change. She said that after reading the book of mormon and praying she felt peace and tranquility. She was able to recognize that as her answer. She is working towards baptism and we are going to be helping her prepare herself so I am excited to se her progress. 
Mom asked about our book of mormon reading as a mission. We havent been doing the last one for the last month because the president wanted to wait. We are going to start reading this week. It is going to be for 4 months because we will be reading the book of mormon with el libro de Mormón. We dont know what the different subjects will be that we will look for but I am excited to be reading it again in english.  In the translation there are some differences (translation never is perfect) It will be very interesting to see the differences in the two. 
I am doing great and am as happy as always. I love life in this world. It is hard and sometimes I dont think I will every rest but it is full of great experiences and times to learn. Have a great week! I love you all.
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton
 If you know Tynan, you will know how excited he was to decorate the trees in the office.

 Missing Joseph 
 View from my balcony