Sunday, December 28, 2014

Great Christmas Visit

We had a great visit with Tynan on Christmas. Wonderful to have all of our children together!

Feliz Navidad Familia
I had a great and happy christmas here in chile. Oh and did I mention warm or better said Hot Christmas. haha Sorry I know it is snowing there. I loved being able to see that. I miss the snow. Christmas lights just arent the same when it is 9:30 at night and the sun hasnt finished setting yet. haha. There is a family in my ward that is going to Utah today that will be so happy that it is snowing. The highlight of the week was talking to everyone. I loved seeing all of the sibblings together. We keep getting closer and closer to being together completely as a family and I think it is awesome. I also loved being able to see so many others too. I love being able to see and talk with you all. It is something different than the usual. This week was a good week. On Christmas eve we had a dinner with a family in the ward. It was really fun. There were two little kids so it was fun to see their excitement. Everytime they heard something outside they thought that it was santa. Here in chile the whole family waits up until midnight to open the presents. And santa comes durring the week a lot of times to bring the presents and put them under the tree. But the kids cant open them until 12 o clock on christmas eve. WHAT A TEMPTATION! I would have died. I was tempted to open up my stocking early but I held myself back. On christmas we woke up and I opened my stocking. Thanks for all of the food and candy it is the best. I think with everything I have gotten I should be good for a few months. We studied and went to the office. It was a normal office day. I made lunch. The traditional home made christmas pizza. It wasnt on christmas eve but it was really good. After leaving the office we went to talk to you all. The 40 minutes actually felt a little longer than usual which I liked because I got to talk more. After we went and visited a few people. Big surprise but there werent very many people home. We visited with our ward mission leader and his family. I have gotten a bunch of fruit cake here. I have always felt like fruit cake was a joke becuase it basicaly is in the US but here it is really popular. 
This next week we have changes so it will be a busy week. I am really excited because I am companions with the Secretary so I get to go with them to pick up the new missionaries from the MTC right next to the temple. So for the first time I am going to see the Santiago Temple. I am really excited to get to go to Santiago. Then we will have all of the meetings and everything. Then Wednesday I will get my new companion. I dont know who it is yet. If I can get the asistents to tell me maybe I will find out monday or tuesday. If not Wednesday when they are in the internet system that we use. I prefer knowing before hand. haha. i have liked that of my last changes in the office. We are in a rotation so I always knew who I was going to be with. I know it will be good. 
I am so excited for Bryce that will be so awesome!!! That was the best anouncement that I heard in the call. My companion doesnt even know where that is, he is from the woodlands area...? I cant believe everyone is so old. Adam is training drew is graduating. Kevin is in France. Annie is getting married. How does time fly so fast? But I think I like it that way. it means your working hard. 
I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the opportunity to talk to you all this last week. 
Les quiero 
Elder Hamilton