Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Love to See the Temple

Tynan at Santiago Temple

Les quiero a todos. Feliz año Nuevo. 
I had a great week and a great new year. As you can see in the pictures we had a great view for the new years fireworks show. It is very big and very popular. In the building we live in we went up to the 20th floor to watch and it was really great. It is better to se them from farther away because they send fireworks from one point of the coast to another so it is better to be able to see all of the shooting zones. Viña is really famous for this show that they do each year. It is like the 2nd or 3rd largest in the world. Next year they are going to do it bigger so it breaks the world record. It was fun to see. Last year I was not by the coast so I couldnt see anything so as I am sure you could guess I was excited for that. 
But the greatest thing that happened this week is that I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE. The first time that I have seen a temple in 1 year 4months so I was very excited. We had changes and this time I got to go drop off the old missionaries and pick up the new ones. I was so excited to see the temple and when we were driving in the city I was looking all over the place to see it. It felt like when I was little and when we got close to disneyland everyone would start looking to see who could find it first. I didnt get to go in but just being there made me so happy. On tuesday we were doing things with the new missionaries and then wednesday we had the transfers. I got my new companion. His name is Elder Flake. He is really great and is going to do a great job as the financial secretary. So now I am teaching him all there is that we have to do. He is from Park City and is Mrs. Cunninghams nephew. "Its a small world after all" (Note: Mrs. Cunningham was Tynans 6th grade teacher and vice principal in high school.  She knows him well and how awesome he is. CH)
On wednesday night we went to a members home for a dinner and then we watched the fireworks from the roof of our building. Thursday and friday were normal days. We worked in our area. We are working with a less active family where their daughter isnt baptized. We had a really great lesson about the plan of salvation and the temples. We talked about the importance of the temples and the sacrifices we make to go to the temples. It is true that each one of us makes sacrifices to go to the temple. If the sacrifices are in the disisions we make in life or a sacrifice of time or distance. When I have had hard days in the mission I have often thought about going to the temple after and how great that will be. I look forward to that opportunity. Each and every one of us must make every sacrifice necesary to go to the temple. It makes me so happy to hear about annies decision to get married and sealed. (Note: his cousin who is getting married July 3 ) What we do in the temple is for all eternity and the blessings outweigh every sacrifice. 
Well I will make you all feel a little better about your cold weather by telling you that it is a little cloudy and cold here. Not so much that I cant wear a short sleeved shirt but still a little chily chile. 
I love you all so so much. Have a great week and I hope everyone has a great and successful year. 2015!!
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton

Mission Office on Transfer Day