Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hola a todos
Esta semana fue bueno. Nothing to big happened, just another week. but It was good. Something funny to start off. This sunday we were walking in the sidewalk and someone droped a firecracker out of a window on top of us. hahah. It was scary in the minute but hilarious. We saw that there was something on the ground on fire. We had just walked passed a guy juggling fire so I thought it was from him. I saw that we were way to far for it to be from him and when i looked closer I thought it was a firework. I sprinted off right when it blew up. It was really loud and we had a buzzing in our ears for a while after that. but it was really funny. 
We have been busy this week in the office. My companion is learning everything really well and will be a great financial secretary. I didnt have to move houses I am still in the same one which use it is really great and comforable. 
Yesterday we had the leadership training meeting we have each month. That is really interesting that they anounced the new president. I havent heard anything about the new president yet. I will be the last group leaving with my president and I am very happy that I will be able to leave with him still here. Our mission is getting smaller. We are at 250 missionaries right now before we had almost 300 and the area has told us that we will be at 200 in 6 months so we will be closing a lot of sectors. My president said that he is happy that he got to see the anouncement of the age change and see all the rush of missionaries in the mission and now to be able to see it lower down to a more stable amount. The new groups of missionaries that we are getting are smaller. the last group had 16 and 18 missionaries left. The group before last had 27 missionaries that went home and 18 that came. So we will be seeing more of that. 
In our sector we are busy looking for more people to teach. Our sector is huge so there are people we just have to find them. We are working with a less active family so they can activate their family and baptise their two little girls. They have been going to church some time now and have the goal to go to the temple to be sealed. We are hoping that the father will be able to baptise his daughter at the end of this month. 
I am a little sad becuase this family that just got baptised in november are having a lot of dificulties financially and have to leave there appartment. What is worse is that they are going to have to separate themselves for a little while to live with the abuelos until they have the money for a new appartment. In all of this they have been able to lean on their new understanding of god and his blessings. The sister always says that she knows it will all be ok. She wants to do what god wants with her family. She has been reading the scriptures and has received a lot of strength from that. Their names are Ximena, Patricio, Antonella, y Giobati. They really need all the prayers they can have. They are really special and I have grown to love them so much so it makes me sad to see them go through these things. I know that they can work through it and everything will work out in the end. They are very strong and their testimony has grown so much during this short time period. 
We are working a lot more with the leaders and members in our areas. The area is really focusing on that. They want everyone doing the same work. I love that you are reading Preach my Gospel mom That is something we all need to read full time missionary or full time member missionary. 

I love you all so much. Have a great week! Hasta luego
Elder Hamilton