Saturday, January 24, 2015

Office Fun

Hello everyone
This week we started it off with interviews in the apartment on monday. IT was so great. I love having interview with the president. It is different now becuase I see him each week but I love being able to talk to him one on one about everything. It is hard to believe that I have been here for long enought to know him so much better. I still feel like I just arrived here in Chile. This time in the office has gone oh so fast. I like it when I am busy like this time in the mission. It makes life a lot more entertaining keeping myself busy. 
This sunday I had a scary and funny experience. We had to go to the bus station to pick up a missionary that was going home. So my companion knows how to drive stick so we took the office truck so it would be easier. Well he hasnt driven in a long time let alone stick. So it was a little bit of a indiana jones style bumpy ride haha. Ok not so much. To top it all off I was directing us because he doesnt know his way arround viña as well as "I Do". haha. Just so you understand. In viña almost all of the streets are one way. I hate that!! It makes driving so much harder. I know my way walking around viña becuase you can walk in whatever dirrection. Driving is a little different. So we ended up taking a detour that took us a little farther than where we were going. It was really funny. No one wants to be in the car the first time I drive again. haha. I´ll try the autopia first. 
This week we have been teaching and working with a young man and his sister. They are really great. The sister, Javiera, actually talked to us before we could talk to her. They both havent had much of a believe in God before but they acredit that to not knowing much about God. We have been able to share with them a few times. What I love is hearing the brother, Juaqine, pray. He prays so sincerly. Especially for someone who didnt believe in God. I am always so impressed with his prayers. It is so great to get to hear people pray who dont have the habit of praying becuase usually it is something that comes from their heart. Their words are so simple but powerful. Especially when they really are asking to know if these things are true. 
On friday It was fun becuase we were able to hike/walk up to a lookout point that is above our house. It was so pretty to see over the city. I had gone up there before with my first companion in the office but It was dark still so you couldnt see everything in the pictures. This time the sun was out, as it is each morning when we wake up. AS we left the house to walk up there we realized that we left the keys inside. Luckly there are more keys for our house than anyother house. The other office elders have one, the asistents, and the elder in charge of the houses. So it wasnt so hard to get back in. 
Everything is going really well like always. I am happy and working hard. It is the best cause in the world. I love that each day in my studies I understand better and better what the lord wants for his children. One of the elders in the office heard last night from the president that his grandma died. I am so grateful we know about the plan of salvatión so that we know that as mom always says "everything will be alright in the end." 
I love you all. Have a great week

Elder Hamilton

 I love this one with the elder stretching. CH
 Elder Flake
 Tynan keeps talking about this plant and how his plants keep dying.  I thought this picture was interesting because of the stamp next to it- it has his full name on it, not Elder. Will be interesting to know what it was for- a question for when he gets home. CH