Monday, February 2, 2015

My Beautiful View

 All photos are the view from his apartment or in from of his house. He loves seeing the ocean everyday and the lights at night.
Buenos días a todos
This week was a great week. We are really working on activating endowed members of the church and so we have been passing by many of them in our time. until now we havent been able to teach very many but this week we were able to share a few times with a young man who is endowed and had served a mission. We had two very great lessions with him this week. It is amazing how the spirit can leave someone. it says in the scripture that the spirit will not fight with the people who are not being obedient. it would be such a sad thing to loose that spirit as I have grown to love the spirit so much and rely on it every day of my life. as we go farther and farther from the truth we lose it. But the miracle is that we can repent and come to christ and feel of his spirit again. I have seen so many lives changed in chile. people that have never felt the spirit before and those that have felt the spirit but have forgot of that feeling. the spirit literally has a crucial role in our lives and so we must live to have the spirit. 
Well this will be my last full week in the office. next saturday will be the last time that you have to write on friday which will be good because i know it has been a little more confusing. i have felt like this is a small feeling of what i will have when i leave the mission. i am sad to be leaving the office as i have loved it a lot but I know i need to move on.This week my president shared something about change that i really loved. he talked about how in the scriptures it tells us that God and Christ are perfect and unchanging. That is something that is different about us... We change. In fact it is a difference that is the most important thing of our lives the power of change. it isnt easy and sometimes it isnt wanted but it is crucial to progress. without change we can not repent and we can not progress it would be imposible. so as i go through this change i am looking forward to that. Looking forward as we know is far more important than looking back.
i love you so much. Have a wonderful week. Smile
Elder hamilton