Monday, February 16, 2015

Back to Work in the Deseret

 Last picture with the office
 On the bus to Illapel
New District in Illapel

Hola familia
Well it is a little wierd having my pday on a monday but I am very happy to be out in the field working in a sector all day. I never realized until I left how much stress I always had in the office with all the extra responsabilities. It was so great and I learned so much from it and now I am so happy to be out in the field. Literally FIELD. I am out in the middle of noware. haha. So I am in a place called Illapel. Yay I always have wanted to go to the north. It isnt very far north but Like you saw in the picture I had to go on the bus for 3 hours and then take another bus for 1.5 hours. So I am a little farther from Viña now. It is a little wierd because I have always been really close to a bigger city and this is a small town in comparasion. I really like it a lot. I am here now as a Zone leader in the zone of Illapel.  The zone of Illapel has 14 missionaries in three little towns, illapel, salamanca, and los vilos. They are all about an hour away from eachother so we have to travel a lot to get places. There are not very many members here in my branch there were 34 people asisting including 6 missionaries. There is a lot of work to do here. This zone has struggled a lot these last few months and we are hoping that we can help the area do better. My companions name is elder Enright he is from colorado. We were in the MTC together and got to the mission at the same time so we knew eachother a little bit before hand. I have always wanted to be with one of the missionaries from my group so I am really excited about that. He is a really great missionary who is really diligent in all he does. I am excited to learn a lot from him. As a zone leader we are in charge of the zone. talking with the district leaders each night and having interchanges with all the missionaries. We are really trying to animate the zone more because that has been difficult for the zone. 
This week I have learned a lot in church and in my studies. This morning I was studying Jesus the Christ about the premortal life with Christ and how 1/3 fought with Satan and the others fought with Christ, at least that is what I always thought, but not everyone else fought with christ some simply just didnt have an opinion and didnt fight on either side. These people also earned life here on the earth. As I read this I thought about how that is not what I want. I dont just want to win life by watching I want to be fighting. I think that in this life just watching isnt an option we must fight or we will loose with satan. Also in my reading in the book of mormon I loved Alma 26:11-12 when Ammon is talking about his strength coming from the lord and not from himself. I have seen diferences in my life when I have relied completely on the lords strength and when I have tried to rely on my strength. Just this week as I left the office I realized how much I have grown to rely on the lord. With all that I had to do in the office I was praying and relying more on him that in anyother time of my life. Now I am striving to keep relying on him because I know that without him we are nothing. 
I am so happy to be out working again. I thought that time would go a little slower and that the days would feel longer but I have been so surprised at how fast time has gone this week. 
I love you all so much. I am glad to hear that all it well. 
Les quiero mucho.
Elder Hamilton

In doing some research(thank goodness for the internet) Tynan's companion's name is Kegan Enright from Colorado Springs. He has a twin in Argentina and a sister in Houston on missions- so never feel sorry for yourself to have one missionary out.  I found his blog, but we had better see if he likes Tynan before I post the address haha.  CH

 Elder Kegan Enright
 View from the bus to Illapel
 Food Fair
 Views in Illapel

 These photo's showed up on Facebook, no idea where they are taken

My son Nathan in Nashville TN sent these pictures today, they are having a huge ice storm