Sunday, January 18, 2015


 Office Zone
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Hola Familia
Another fast week. I had a really good week It was a little calmer than some of the other ones that I have had before so that was good. My companion is learning a lot. He is doing really well and is learning more and more each day. I remember when I was in his spot. It feels like it was just last week. It is so crazy how fast time has gone over these last few months. I can tell you that time really does go by so fast when you are busy. In our area we have been able to find some great people. THis last saturday we had a lession with a less active who hadnt gone to church in a few years. We had a really great lession with her and then sunday she went to church. On wednesday she had an interview with the bishop and now has a few goals to get her started on the road to the temple. Right now she is working on getting her patriarchal blessing. I love seeing how the spirit can influence the lives of people and help them to make changes so fast in their lives. 
I am really happy because after a year and a half of wondering I finally figured out that Yes There is a difference between the ensign (USA and Canada) and the Liahona (even the english liahona for the rest of the world). I know this is a little random and wierd but I have always been wondering this. So the ensign is based almost entirely for adults because we have the friend and the new era. The Liahona (ensign international) has stuff for kids adults and youth. So it actually stinks a little because with the liahona, even the english liahona, you dont get all of the articles. #missionaryproblems haha I found this out because in my house I found an ensign from FEb 2014 and a liahona feb 2014 and they are different. They actually had to take out a few really great articles for that. 
Well to get off of that random note. Everything is going really well. This next week we have interviews with the president. Being in the office it isnt that different because we see him each week but I am looking forward to that. I always like interviews. They are going to be in our house too so we need to clean up a little.
This last saturday we went to the "feria" it is a little market that they have everywhere in Chile. (at least everywhere I have been) We bought a lot of fruit for the week to eat. When we got home we left them in the little bags they were in not knowing that they would all go bad faster in the bags. I knew that if you had closed bags they go bad but the bags were open so I didnt think anything of it. THis week we are going to take good care of our fruit so it lasts a little longer. I am learning a little about everything. 
I love you all so much and hop that everything is going well for all. Have a great week
Les quiero. 

Elder Hamilton