Saturday, November 29, 2014

Missing pumpkin pie

Hola Familia
it is great hearing about how everyone is going and how your thanksgiving went. I missed eating the pumpkin pie (my favorite). This was another great week here in chile. It is going by just as fast as always which I still struggle to understand how. haha. but that is the mission (and life) so Im told. This week sunday we started out with the biggest baptism that I have ever seen. 4 Investigators were baptised. It was so awesome to see. I was glad to see all of them take this step to be baptised. They were all really happy and excited to be doing it. It was interesting because the next day we had lessions with them and they were all going through trials imediately after their baptism. Thinking back to the other people that I have seen baptised similar things happen. Satan knows the importance of baptism and doesnt want the people to go through with this and then endure to the end. The family is in the process of adopting a new baby and we hoping to hear when they would receive him in their home but on mondaythey were told that they still had to wait a little longer. It was really hard for the sister but she said that it was a little easier than before. She said the before she would have asked God why her but now she knows that God will look out for her as she is faithful. The youth that got baptised has problems with depresion and his medicine hasnt been doing very well and so he was really depresed now he is in the hospital to see what they can do to get him on better medicine. We are hoping and praying that all goes well for him and he can leave soon. 
This week we had a conference for the district leaders, so I got to help with that and attend it. It was really great and I learned a lot about how I cant work to be a better district leader and help the district. The district is a powerhouse, as President Kahnlein says. It has the 4 office workers, the 2 zone leaders and 2 sister leadership trainers. They are working really hard and so we have a few baptism dates for December. For this sunday there are also 2 more baptisms in the district. We are really happy with what the Viña zone has been doing because we have really been blessed with many chosen investigators these last 2 months. 
With the conference I also gave a short presentation. As I was getting ready for the presentation I was thinking about what I wanted the missionaries to know. Sometime I talk about what they need to do so I can pay their rent, utilities and other spendings but I wanted to talk about the importance of the money that we use. I realized that my testimony of tithing and the lords funds has grown so much. I have grown to aprieciate much more the sacrifices that people make to the lord and the reason we pay tithing. It is the reason we are able to do everything in the church. Without that we couldnt have temples, missionary work, or books. Thank you everyone who makes this sacrifice so that we can help others come unto christ and receive the saving ordinances. I have not been so great in my life with handling money. It isnt like I spend everything but I didnt always save what I could have. I think god gave me this oportunity so that I could learn and grow in this aspect of my life. It was a goal as I started my mission to learn to handle my money better. I have gotten much better and I know that now I have learned a lot more. 
I love you all so much. Have a great week. If you didnt eat pumpkin pie this last week do it! you wont regret it. haha
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton

These pictures are from his new apartment. This has to be the nicest one he has been in yet. Great View! CH