Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good but tiring week

Happy Birthday Tynan

Hi everyone. 
it is so good to hear from you all. I am doing good. I had a good but tiring week with lots to do. This week in the office we found out that we need to close 6 areas at the end of this change because we have more people leaving than coming to the mission so the Elder that is incharge of the houses and I started doing that. It has been a lot of work figuring all that out. Yesterday we had the mission leadership council that we have at the biggining of each month. It is with all of the zone leaders and the sister leader trainers. It went well, there was a lot of running arround to get everything done but we were able to do it. Last night all of us from the office were really tired and today we still are like that but its good to have a little break today. 

In our area we are working with a man that has 30 years old. His name is Jonathan. He has some problems with the word of wisdom and other aspects of his life. We are working to help him. He has a lot of desires to change and to come closer to God. He hasnt always had a very easy life and hasnt always made the right choices but he wants to change that. I love see the people who want to change. We were able to go to the hospital this week and give a blessing to one of our investigator´s father. It went really well. We are hoping that we can help her and her family come into the gospel. 

Everything is going really well here. I had a really fun week. I hope that everything is going well for you all at home. Keep doing what you should. 
I love you all so much!!! 

Les quiero
Elder Hamilton

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