Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another Busy Week

Hola mi maravillosa familia. 
Estoy super feliz escuchar de todos ustedes hoy. Tuve una semana super ocupado pero super bueno. 
I am doing great and happy like always. This week we had changes so it was another busy week. Monday was a normal day with some preparations for the transfers and sending and receiving the missionaries. Tuesday in the morning we sent the oldes home got the mission home ready for the new missionary training. Tuesday was a day full of running all over the place to get everything done. In the afternoon I started getting phone calls from some of the missionaries at the airport saying that they didnt have enough money for theier bags. I hate it when that happens. There is an airline called LAN that almost all the latins use to get home. There website and customer service is so confusing so we always end up the the wrong information. The elder that called to know how much it was going to cost was told 45000 pesos but they needed 90000 so I had to call the taxi driver, who is an saving angel, to help us. He had to go to the airport and pay the rest and will just bill us. It was a little stressful because the last time this happened the missionary didnt make his flight and had to stay in the mtc one night. In the end after a lot of praying (I mean a lot) everything worked out really well and everyone got home. This week we are going to go the the LAN store here in Viña to explain what has been happening and see if we can see what their policies really are so this doesnt happen again. Tuesday in the night we had our presentation with the news and at the end of the night I went to pack my bags. Wednesday was the transfer day. So we were helping with the news in the house and getting the church ready for the changes. We had to run between the house and the church like 4 times which isnt very far but I was really tired after doing it all. Also we spent a lot of time moving the new missionaries suitcases over to the church and unloading the suitcases from the bus that brought the missionaries from the north part of the mission. I think we had to move around 100 bags that weight a lot so all of our arms and legs were a little sore the next day. Everything went really well in the end. I have a new companion, area, and house which is fun for a change. It is really weird having different companions every change. You get used to one person and then it changes. But it isnt a grand change becuase we already have been in the office together for a little time so we knew eachother. His name is elder Huntsman from texas. He only has like 3 changes left in his mission so I am really looking forward to learning a lot from him. I really like my new area. Since the begining of my mission I have wanted to work in Viña viña. And now I am working in central viña. It is a great sector. Really different than where I have been before because it is a bigger city. This ward recently had a change in bishop and the new bishop has a ton of excitement for the work. With that the ward as really woken up and they have had many baptisms. This sunday we will actually have 4 baptisms. It is a family of 3 that are going to be baptised. They were a reference from a member in another stake. And also a Youth that is going to be baptised. They are all so excited to be baptised and really have been prepared by god for this time. All of them have only been talking with the missionaries for 2 or 3 weeks and they have progresed so much. This young man received a book of mormon from a friend and then one day just went to church and talked to the missionaries. He is so excited. yesterday we were looking for him because he didnt come to his lession on thursday but we couldnt find him. We thought that we were going to have to postpone his baptism because he still needed some teachings. When we couldnt find him I said a prayer asking for someway to find him and talk to him.  We were in the church for the interviews of the family and he just walked in. He didnt know that we would be there he just came. It was a miracle. This whole week has been full of miracles. We told him that we might have to pospone his baptism and he energeticly pleaded that we didnt becuase he was looking forward to sunday so much and had invited a lot of his family and his friends. He keeps telling us that in a year he is going to be a missionary too. I love seeing miracles. This week I was walking in the street trying to remember a why I had to take out some money to pay for something but I could not remember why. I prayed and almost instantly I remembered. Or better said god reminded me. There are so many times when I feel like my prayers are answered right away. I know that god really cares what is worring us or what is happening in our lives. I really love what I am doing. I am learning a ton and I know that I am growing closer to christ which is the most important. This week of thanks giving I am so thankful for this last year and 4 months that I have had in my mission. This year, 2014, i have been writing down each day the things of that day that I am grateful for. It has helped me see really how grateful I am for everything in my life. 
I love you all and am so grateful for your suport and love.
Elder Hamilton

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