Monday, April 20, 2015

Set your limits now

Hi everyone
It is great to hear from everyone. I love getting emails and hearing how everything is going. This week was really great as usual with a lot of different experiences. We had interviews on Friday with President Kahnlein. They were the last interviews before he leaves in june. I will still have one more before I leave. I am so grateful that I am able to finish with president and Sister Kahnlein. They are so great. I loved my interview. We talked about what I had been learning in the book of mormon as we are reading itfor the fifth time as a mission. We also have been studying vitue and we talked about that. I asked him what I can do to make sure that in my life I can keep the spirit that I have had on my mission and the constant progress that I have seen. He talked to me about the talk that Elder Holland gave in conference in october of 2011 which talks about staying within our limits. I love the talk a lot.It is one of if not my favorite talk. He told me that in order to ensure something in the future we have to set our limits now. So he encouraged me to decide now what I want my limits to me. What things I will do to help me reach these goals and What things I will never ever do. 
This weekend as a zone we fasted for the people who have the asistences to be baptised in the zone this month of April but for other reasons (Live together without being married, doubts, or they need parents permision) they couldn´t be baptised. On sunday after church we heard about a miracle. A young man has been investigating the church, going each week to the meetings, and even going to seminary each day after school. He couldn´t get baptised becuase He didnt have his fathers permision who is himself a less active member. On sunday we found out that he got permission. On friday he was talking to his dad as he was getting some things ready for the next day. On saturday he was going to go to the temple in santiago with the members of the district. As they were getting things ready and talking together his dad ended up giving him permission to be baptised. Now on saturday he is going to get baptised. I love these miracles each day!! There are so many. I have gotten a stronger testimony of fasting in my mission. It really works! 
To finish this week off this morning We were taking showers and our gas tub started leaking a lot of gas so  I called my companion out of the shower and we took the gas tube out of the house and opened all of the windows. Luckly we were already low on gas and were going to buy more gas today so not a whole lot of gas was lost but it was a little scary. We turned off all of the power and started trying to air out the house with our towels. In the end we got it all out and we got more gas to take hot showers and to cook with but It was an interesting story. 
I love you so much Thanks for your prayers and support. 
Les quiero
Elder Hamilton