Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hola familia
This week I learned a lot about listening. We had a lot of great experiences with that. First we were teaching a husband and wife who are less active. The husband asists sometimes and asisted all 5 conference sessions but the wife has struggled a lot. After talking with them and more than anything listening she started telling us about how she feels like she lacks faith. She has two chidren handicaped and that has always been hard for her to understand why that has happened. Also her son joined the catholic church so in a way she always felt like she was denying him respect by being different. It was such a great spiritual lession. She started to cry and said that she would start reading in the book of mormon to know if it really is true. We are going to have a family home evening with them tonight and we are excited to talk to them again.
We also did a contact this week which was really great. We were looking at our map a little lost to be honest and a woman passed by and we said hi and she responded really nicely so we started talking to her. After a minute she started telling us about her husband and kids and how she was abandoned by her parents and was raised by her grandma. She has always felt really lonely in life. Never really has had friends to talk to and her husband works 7 day in the north and then is here 7 days (I dont know if I have ever explained that to you all but a lot of people work in turns like 7 days working 7 rest or 15 -15 or the worst 15 working 3 resting. It is for all of the mines that are here in chile) She said that she feels lonely and has faith in god but wants to understand more of him. We gave her a book of mormon and are going to pass by this week when her husband gets home. 
Then finishing the week yesterday we were teaching a less active woman who is married with a nonmember.  We were talking to her for some time and then started to share with her. At the end she started opening up and sharing how she is feeling. It was amazing again to see the spirit working in her and helping her share with us. I love when the people feel so comforable sharing with us. She said that she has tried to share the gospel with her husband so many times and there is nother more that she wants than to be with her family forever but that isnt how he things. He has other priorities. He also works 7 for 7 and she used to also so they hardly ever saw eachother. Now she is here in illapel looking for work closer to home and is hoping that that will help. We encouraged her to keep obeying in all things and trusting that in some time he will choose to change. 
With the volcano. We have heard a ton about it. I dont know what is going on here in chile. Last year there was a fire in Valparaiso, and an earthquake, flood and now volcano this year. There is a lot going on here. We are not affected at all. It is cloudy out but I dont think that it is from the smoke. It is getting colder and I am using all long sleeve now. burrrrr....
I love you all so much. I cant believe we are ending april already it goes faster each month. I love you
Elder Hamilton