Monday, May 4, 2015

A great week- I don't know how else to say it!

Hi family
First off. May the fourth be with you!! 
This week was a great week. I know your probably sick of hearing that but I just dont know how else to say it. I like it all. We were traveling a lot in bus. On tuesday we had interchanges so we traveled to los vilos (1 hour). It was a good interchange. It was really cold there becuase it is right by the ocean and the wind is stronger. On wednesday we traveled back to Illapel and worked there. As I have told you many times. As a mission we are reading the book of mormon marking some "questions of the soul" all 8 to be exact. (If you want to see the questions go to, and sorry it is only in spanish. I told you to start studying almost two years ago) So to try and help some of our less actives, converts, and investigators we are inviting them to read the book of mormon looking for answers to one of the 8 questions. We have seen so pretty great results. One less active who always struggled understanding what she was reading started marking the answers to How can I find peace and happiness? and now she is reading more and understanding much more. It was so cool to see such a drastic change. Now she is always really excited to show us her book when we pass by. On thursday night we traveled to viña (I love going back to viña) and friday we had a reunion with all the other leaders of the mission. It was such a great reunion. I didnt go to the meeting with any questions or anything specifically but I marveled at how my questions were answered both from prayers spoken and unspoken. It was perfect feeling like that becuase we talked a little about how god knows us perfectly. I felt that as my prayers were answered in a perfect way. At the end of the reunion the president was going to give me a new temple recomend because mine expired but he told me that he had left the papers in his house. Then he told me that I didnt need to worry about it because I would be seeing him this wednesday in the changes meeting. so I already know that I am leaving illapel wednesday. I have already started to pack and yes mom I am starting to throw and give away. I am excited to see what I will be doing and where I will be going for my last change. I cannot believe it is my last change. it keeps surprising me how fast time can go. I am loving every minute. I dont know where I will be going but I do know that I will be closer to viña, Maybe by the ocean one last time...? 
Last monday we did the funnest recreational thing I have done in 1 year 10 months. We hike a hill. yay!!! It was really a lot of fun and it made me think of hiking the y and mount timp just not as green. It was great. We hiked up with a convert here. We were able to see all of the little town of illapel and on the other side of the hills where there are many fields with avacado and other vegetables. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed being away from so many people in a quiet place.
I will be really excited to let you know what happens this week with the changes. I am so excited for mothers day. I hope everything goes well with everyone!
I love you all.
Elder Hamilton