Monday, May 18, 2015

I love to see the love people have for the Lord

Hi family
This week we were really busy which was awesome. We had a lot of people to teach this week. There are 5 people getting ready for baptism this week so we have been helping them each day and we were able to find many new people to teach. One family was a great experience finding them. On sunday when we were going to skype we walked past a family in a little park and I felt like we should talk to them. We kept walking a little farther and I felt it again and so after we were about a block away I repented we turned around and went to talk to them. On monday we were able to share with them in their house. It turns out the husband is a less active member from years and years ago. He doesnt have a lot of faith in god now after "living in a hard world". his wife has a lot of faith and was really interested in reading the book of mormon, they have a son that is 10 and he also was going to read with his mom. It was such a cool experience that was guided completely by the spirit. He went to work in the north in a mine and gets back tomorrow so we will see them again tomorrow
Later this week I had another great experience with a family of new converts. They are from Peru and there are 3 families a total of 18 people living in one house that isnt very big. They are so nice and are so grateful for the gospel. We got there and they told us to wait for a few minutes in their living room. After waiting for a few minutes they had us pass to their living area and they shared with us a soup called casuela here in chile. It was so nice of them to share with us. They dont have a lot but they wanted nothing more to give us a little. They are so grateful for everything they have and are so humble. I love to see the love people have for the lord through their actions. I have seen that people really see missionaries as Representatives of christ. We are really complete strangers and they treat us so well. I can often times feel the love the lord has for them too. 
Another example is from the sister that cleans our clothes. She is the Relief Society President in the branch and she is so nice. I was so surprised to see the cloths all ironed and folded when we got our cloths. My companion said that they told her that she didnt have to do that but she insists on doing it. There are so many great people here who really love to serve in so many ways. 
This week in my book of mormon study I was studying in alma 24 and I loved what I learned. It is a great chapter about the anti nephi lehites and how they hid their weapons of war in the ground and never took them up again. I love the faith that they had. Many died because they would not defend themselves. I thought about our weapons of war and how we too must hid them. They can be temptations, adictions, the natural man, and anything that keeps us from obeying god. It was cool to see this relation of the scriptures to my life. 
I love you all so much. This week went by really fast like all of them. I hope all is well. I love you
Elder Hamilton

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