Friday, May 29, 2015

Relying on Christ

Hola family
I am doing very well this week. I learned a lot this week and was really humbled. I felt like at one point this week that I was started to rely too much in my own strengths and abilities and I wasnt relying completely in Christ like I should be. Thanks to the spirit I was humbled by seeing many weaknesses that I have and seeing the need to turn completely to the lord in all things. It has helped me with my prayers and my thoughts so that all that I do and say is focused on the lord. I have realized many times in my mission the constant need to depend on the lord in all things. I am grateful for that, I have seen in my vida and in the lifes of many others here in chile the power of repentance and putting out trust in the lord. It isnt always the easiest but It always makes us feel better. I am so grateful for the spirit that helps us do the right. I have seen that things work out the best when we think and wait for the spirit to guide us before we make decisions. 
It was a good week. Yesterday we finished off the week with a great baptism service for 5 converts it was amazing. It was so great to see them do this. They are so great and really are going to help the branch grow a lot. There was a young woman who is 14 and has terrible fear of water and was so scared. I have never seen someone jump out of the font so fast like she did. Luckly she only had to do the baptism the one time and it was good. After the service when one woman who got baptised with her son was saying good by to the branch president she started crying and told him how grateful she was to be able to join the church. It was so awesome to see and be a part of. I love seeing the changes made in the lives of people. 
It is getting really cold here. Each morning the house is freezing. I use blanket, 1 coat, a sweater, a scarf, gloves and a hat haha. I will have to send you  all a picture. It is funny. Generally it is colder inside than outside. But I think that I am just not used to much cold because I bet it isnt as cold as it gets back home. This winter I will freeze! Durring the day when the sun is out it isnt very cold. Generally I still use a sweater though. 
Many have asked about the end which is coming sooner and sooner. To be honest It feels normal. I feel like my life will just always be like this. I think it will be weird in the very end. It is weird telling people that I have so short of time left and their reaction always is, Oh your mom must be so happy. And I always know it is true. haha. I love you all. Have a great week! 
Elder Hamilton