Monday, April 6, 2015

very spiritual week

hola Familia
This week was so great. I loved it. It was a very spiritual week. I guess every week in our lives should be like that but this week was even more. On wednesday we had a family home evening with two members and a friend they invited over. We shared a short message and watched a video about a mom how has a lot to do during the day and is working so hard to be able to see her friend that night. In the end she was able to do a lot of good durring her day but couldnt see her friend. She is really sad for that and sends her kids to bed. Her son asks about the family prayer and he does it. In his prayer he thanks god for letting them do all that he wanted them to do. This makes her think about all the things she did that help others and did what god wanted.(  It was great sharing this with them because with kids they could relate to it. It made me think about my days and how sometimes I am not happy with all that I get done. I have started trying to focus on what the lord wants me to do and less on what I want to get done. It made me look back on various days and see how what I could do with my time helped the lord help others. I love what president monson often says and I have felt it too. The best feeling comes when you act on a feeling of the spirit and later learn that you answered someone elses prayer. 
On friday we had the mission leadership counsel in viña. It was such a great reunion. We talked a lot about virtue and how we must be pure.It made me think about the temple. In Preach my Gospel in the section that teaches about virtue it says that a virtuous person is a temple recomend holder. This makes me want to do all in my power to obtain a temple recommend and be worth to enter there. The temple is such a pure place. I loved what Presidente Monson said about the temple. It is in the temple where we can really feel the peace that Christ was speeking of when he said My peace I give. It makes me so happy to see that they are announcing new temples again. It is really exciting for these places. 
I was able to watch the conference in english which was awesome and we watched the two spanish talks in spanish. It was really funny because the second spanish talk Elder Zeballos is an Area 70 over our area South america South. My companion commented to me right before the session started that he would love to hear him speak Then when they announced him we just looked at eachother and laughed. It was such a great weekend and I cant wait to hear and read the talks again. I just downloaded all of the sessions again to hear them. Isnt technology amazing. It is so much faster now. What a blessing. 
Well this was my week it was a good one. I hope you all had a good one too. I love you!
Elder Hamilton

Funny story to add. 
In the conference that I had with the mission leaders our president showed us two april fools jokes someone did for the church. It was so funny.
First he said that the church announced that We would now have church for 4 hours and then we could serve in a second mission for one year after a few years of not getting married. When he said that we had church for 4 hours I completely believed him. Then someone guessed that it was an april fools joke. haha.
I love you

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