Monday, March 30, 2015

Lunch at the Beach

Lunch at the beach

Hola familia
This week we had changes and I got a new companion. 
Starting this week off. I was in a trio becuase a missionary from our zone finished his mission. That was a lot of fun and it was great because we could go into any house to be able to teach. (we cant enter houses with woman alone). Then on tuesday night the asistants called us to tell us that Both of the other elders were leaving. In my branch we used to have 6 missionaries but they let us know that we are closing one of the areas and taking out 2 missionaries. So I was the only elder that stayed here and the two sisters stayed as well. Now our area is bigger and we are learning it and getting to know the people together. On tuesday night we had to go over to the other elders house so that he could pack up his stuff to leave. We were there until 11:30 and ate some sushi which was so great. Then we went back to our house so my companion could pack and he did so until like 2 in the morning. On wednesday we got up and soon had to get on a bus to go to a place that is called los vilos. It is like 1 hour away in bus. We got there and waited until the bus came to take my companion and the other elder to viña. After they left I went with another elder in los vilos to work. We got to eat in a house that was right in frount of the beach. It was so awesome. I havent been to the beach in more than 1 and a half years. I loved it and took the moment to take a few pictures. After I was in los vilos working with Elder Leto from argentina until 8 when my new companion got here. His name is Elder Fraser and he is from argentina. He is really great and nice. We are really excited for this change. He is so great. He made brownies yesterday and said that he loves to cook so I am excited for that too. The rest of the week we have been getting to know our area now and working with investigators. we arent seeing very much progress with our investigatores right now so we are really looking for new ones. I guess in reality we are always looking for new investigators. We were a little sad because a lot of people that we had taught this week didnt come to church. Now today we started the day off by cleaning the old elders house that we are closing. It was a big cleaning project. It is a good thing I like to clean. 
I cannot tell you how excited I am for the general Conference. It is the best week of the year!!! I am really looking forward to being able to receive help and inspiration for these next 6 months. There are great changes coming in these six months and I really am looking for the lords help as I make them. I love you so very much. Sorry this week we had some dificulties with the internet so Time is a little short but I love you all so so much. 
Elder Hamilton