Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Understand Why People Need Visits

Hi familia
Sorry I am writing so late. We had a lot of stuff to do today. I had to go to get my second chilean id card and it takes forever. But now it is done and in a few weeks I will get the card. I cant believe I am already receiving my second I feel like I just got the first haha. This week went well. It went so fast. We started out the week in Viña for the leadership counsel that we had. So monday night and tuesday we were in viña. It was a really great conference. I love having these conferences because they give you a shot of the spirit to keep you animated and going. Now this next monday we will have a zone conference with the president. So that being said, next week my pday will be tuesday just to through everyone off. haha. 
This week we were really happy to see some progress in the branch. On friday we had an activity that was really great. Not very many people were there 5 others and 6 missionaries but it went well. As I was sitting in the activity and after I thought a lot about how God must look at these things. I love seeing the faith of the people even when there are only a few people. It makes me so happy to see the work of the lord working in the lives of even a few people. I know that all over the world there are little congregations reunited showing and growing their faith and I think that is so awesome to see. That being said, sunday we didnt have a lot of people asisting either. 31 people including 6 missionaries. Normaly there are more people we arent sure what happened this week. We were really happy becuase we feel like the members are started to work actively in the work and in their callings. Yesterday we had two brothers with us visiting people a new convert and a leader. At one point we needed to leave them and they decided to go and visit another two houses alone. It was so awesome to see that and we want to do that with more people. Bring them out with us for a few lessions and then send them on their own for a few visits. One thing that is hard here are the home and visiting teachers, it just doesnt get done, but we think that in this way we can get more people visited. I have learned so much the importance of doing visits. Sorry for everytime I didnt want to go with you to visit, dad. I understand why people need visits and need to talk to people especially people other than missionaries. There is a young woman here who is so great at doing missionary work who helped us a lot this week. A few weeks ago at EFY the youth gave out references of their friends and so we received 3 from here from that and this week she gave us one more. It was so great. I was amazed at how much more receptive people are when they are receiving the missionaries from their friends. We are hoping to work more with these referals this week. 
I am doing very great and am really excited for this week. Remember that I will be writing next tuesday not monday. I love you all.
Elder Hamilton

Leadership Conference