Monday, March 2, 2015

It is so awesome to see when the spirit leads you to help people.

Our ward was split Sunday and we are now in a new ward. Tynan and I have known for years this would happen and we would always expect the announcement.
Brock is his great friend from Dance. CH

Hola familia
Wow lots of great news. I cant believe the time has actually come that they are splitting the ward. It will be sad to go but I know it will be good. It made me think of all of the times we would worry and hear the rumors about a ward change I am not surprised to see it. PV6 is such a great ward. I cant believe that Brock is getting married. I knew he would do it fast. My companions last companion also goes home when we do in June and he always loved listening to wedding talks and everything so it rubbed off on my companion and marriage often comes up haha. All of the missionaries that go home are always talking about it. That is so awesome. I am so happy for him. 

Well here in chile I had a great week. It was way to short. I wish there were more days in the week to be able to work. It was really great because we had interchanges with the asistents. We are way to far for one of us to go to their ward so we were in a trio with one and the other worked in another sector. It was a great interchange. At one point we talked with a woman named rosa who we had talked to in the street the week before. We went in and taught her. As we got to know her she shared with us about the day when we had passed by and knocked on her door the first time. She is having a lot of problems with her husband (not married) and she was really sad and depressed. She had posted in facebook that she didnt know if it was worry living through moments like that in life. She had been praying a lot. A little later that day we knocked on the door. It is so awesome to see when the spirit leads you to help people. We didnt know who she was or that she lived there. WE had just gone to pass by another person and we decided to knock on the door at random. I love feeling like the lord is answering peoples prayers through me. 
Saturday this same week we had a similar experience. We were with a member and a lession wasnt home so we asked the member if he knew of someone arround where we were and he told us about a less active woman and her family that were not members. So we went to visit them. The sister wasnt there, just her kids and her mom but her mom let us in and we started talking with her. After a few minutes the sister got there and we shared with her. We started talking about prayer and we asked her to share an experience with prayer. She told us that us being their was an example of the power of prayer in her life. That day she had been praying for strength and help, she felt like she lacked something in her life. Then a little later we got there. It was such an amazing experience. Yesterday she even went to church with here little girls. 
On thursday I went to viña for a training meeting that I had on friday. It was so great becuase I got to see one of my old companions too. I loved the meeting. We talked about some of the responsablities for a zone leader among other things. Now today after our pday we have to go back to viña for a reunion we have with all the other leaders of the mission tomorrow. The bus ride is 3.5 to 4 hours so not too long. The first hour was just twists and turns around a mountain. Mom I promise you would have felt so sick. I was feeling sick almost the whole time. 
It was a great week. I love knowing that I am trying to be an instrument in the lords hands. His work keeps going. We may have changes in our lives but the church is true in the whole world. 
I love you all so much
Have a great week.
Elder Hamilton