Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mom and family!!
Happy Birthday Dad Today and I think Megan last week!
I just got back from the temple which was so great! I wsa able to understand almost all of the session! I love the temple. It is such a blessing to go there, learn, and think. I am sad that today is possibly the last time I go for 2 years, depending on what we do in our mission. The temple is closed for cleaning now. I am really happy I had the oportunity to go though. It is so nice to live so close to the temple. Use it!!! Go often I know it blesses our lives and the lives of others.
Spanish is coming. I am able to understand my teachers most of the time, as long as they talk slow. Speaking it is coming little by little as well. We have been focused on present tense the whole time and we started doing other tenses now so i am getting a lot of information all at once. It is all great though. I actually have enjoyied all the studying. In 3 weeks I will really have enjoyed it because I will be leaving.
I dont know when I am leaving yet. I am hoping to find that out soon. The weeks keep going by fast. The food is good. WE eat a lot of chicken and rice. (beans too but I don´t eat those) I am amazed at how many different chicken meals you can have. Their deserts are not goood! I have found the greatest cereal on earth though!! Choco zaquritas. Zaquritas must be spanish for frosted flakes. so these are chocolate frosted flakes with marshmellows. So GREAT! They only have a few each day though so you have to get to them fast.
Last week I got a hair cut. It is shorter than I have ever cut it and I was worried I was going to have to deal with my cow lick again but after literally praying the whole time she was cutting it it turned out fine. I can still wake up and barely touch my hair in the morning.
Sundays we have basically normal church in the morning, meetings with the presidency in the afternoon along with studying and then we have devotional. We have been just watching a recording of a provo devotional each week. We did have our own once. It is nice because I get so see a little bit of provo. Sunday night was terrible. I guess the wind blew our door open and so misquitos cam in. I was hidding under my sheets all night so I only got a few bites. In the morning we killed like 20 and found more throughout the day. That wasn´t supper fun. My companion had a ton of bites. luckly misquitos haven´t ever really like me.
Other than that things are going good here. If you want to send a letter to me here, you will want to send it this week. It takes 2 weeks for mail to get here. Use Dear Elder. Noah wins for first letter received! Thanks!
Also I heard from sam grandma and grandpa got their call to a temple. When do they leave!
I love you all!
Te amo
Elder hamilton!!

 Also this is funny. So apparently everyone says that people always gain weight in the mtc. Chris coca from dance gained 17 lbs in the mtc. But here everyone thinks they are losing weight. I think I have lost a little. We always are full but the campus is so spread out and the food is healthy so we are losing a little weight. haha I just thought it was funny. The cafeteria is getting full!
I love you so much!