Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hola mi familia
Thats cool that a new temple movie came out. That should be interesting to see. Thats so great about evan's mission call he will do so great and yes it will be way different here. It already is.
I don't know when I leave yet. I don't think I will know until the end of next week.
Another week has flown by. I cant believe I've been here for a month now. (this week anyway) I only have two weeks left in the CCM which is extremely wierd!! A little scary and yes mom overwhelming to think about sometimes but I am really excited to get to chilé. I actually am not to sick of the CCM like most people say they are.
Spanish continues to get better and better. I am learning more every day. Now that I am more familiar with the sound and the way the language is, it is easier to learn more vocab which is good. If we are talking about the gospel I can talk for much longer than just a normal conversation. I guess that is good because that is my purpose.
I have been proud of myself because I have done a good job being patient with myself. There have been a few days where I have been a little stressed and frustrated but I have done will for the most part. yesterday was one of those days. I was frustrated with the language and not thinking I knew enough. I was asking myself if I was able to learn this language. Almost imediately my thoughts changed to, are you serious of course you can do this. Then I thought "You know I am here, you know I am here." A great calm spirit cam over me. I know it was the spirit wispering to me. Later during our language study my teacher had me teach him a short lesson about tithing. After he told me that he can see a lot of improvement and that my spanish was coming along. It truly was an answer to my prays and gave me a lot of comfort about the language.
One of my favorite parts of the week are devotionals on sunday and tuesday. Sometimes we have our own devotionals but usually we watch one of the 12 in provo. I love listening to them speak. When they have 30 or 40 minutes to just talk about whetever they want you can really see their different personalities and humor. Its also great because at the beginning they show shots of the MTC and the temple. I cant believe I am saying this but I miss the big mountains!
But things are going great here. My companion and I made some amigos with the latinos and sit with them every meal. That is great to understand and speak better.
I dont remember if I told you this or not but I got made district leader which in the CCM isnt to much but still cool i guess. It still is really wierd to see so many people here. i just always imagine a small group but each week it is filling up and looking more and more like a real MTC. Gym is a nice break from class. We play volleyball, ride bikes, run sometimes, and play ping pong. I do wish they had some four square like they do in provo. My didstrict is doing a lot better at working. There are two elders who have convinced themselves that they aren´t going to learn the language here out of a book but once they get out into the field. It´s a little funny sometimes but whatever. I can understand that we will learn a ton in the field but I think there is a lot to learn here too.
As I said, all is well in Mexico City. I have gained a love for the people here and I have been stuck in the compound. I cant wait to get to chile and get started!!
I love you all!
God be with you til we meet again
Te amo
Elder Hamilton

 This bottom picture is of the security gate.