Monday, September 2, 2013

Classic Mission Experiences

Hola Mom
No im not suprised you just looked at where I am. It is in both viña del mar and valparaso other than that im not sure where exactly. The little towns are just call different things inside the larger cities. So mine is called esperanza. That is what the ward is called so you might be able to use the lds ward locator and search that way. No those sunset ones were not from my pension they were from my area though. I am able to see the ocean really well and the sunsets are great. Yes I was able to get a donut, it was so awesome. Haha they have quite a bit of similar things like the fast food places. Not in my area but more in the central parts of the city. There are small stores everywhere though with bread and other things. The candy is pretty cheap here. This week was good. We met with a lot of less actives and a few actually came to church which was great. The ward is great we have gotten to know a few of them, as much as I can with the language. The members really enjoy helping and want to be involved which is nice because my companion says this is not like that everywhere. The ward has like 80-90 people but it is a ward not a branch. The chapel is small but nice. It actually has heat but it is still cold, mom you would be freezing but I always think of you because other people have little shawls like yours. We write our emails in a little internet cafe place but without the cafe. Just computers and phones no food. That is interesting about the sisters with Ipads in california. My president said that he is really working on recieving the athorization for us to use facebook but ya I cant see ipads anytime soon. But I can definately tell why it would be super usefull. Thats good that grandma and grandpa are getting ready and excited to leave. Down here in south america is the best place right now so it will be good for them to join me. Well this week is called Fire and inspiration throught the bathroom. Yes I know wierd. But the other day we didnt have lunch with a member so we had to make our own, which is fine. I was making some rice and I put to much into the pan so it was really full and my companion thought it was hilarious so he was going to "show me how to make rice better". He was using oil and stuff, something he learned from another companion. He walked away for a second, which is not good when you have oil over a fire stove. And the oil caught on fire. He was going to put the pan in the sink and I yelled that you cant do that with oil fires and grabbed the lid and put it on the pan, putting out the fire. So that was a funny interesting experience. I told him it was going to be a classic mission experience. Now for the inspiration through the bathroom let me explain something. I havent had any problems with my stomach and the food here or in mexico. I have heard from a lot of people who served in south america that you always have a bathroom problem but I though my stomach must be pretty strong or something. That leads up to last night. We were walking around at like 8:30 and I sort of needed to use the bathroom but I figured I could wait an hour until we got home. So we walked a little more and the need suddenly increased. So I told my companion if this door doesnt open we need to go back to our apartment, like 5 minute walk. The door didnt open so we started rushing back but I was like "I am not going to make it" So we stoped at the nearest members house and yelled, because that is how you ring doorbells here when there isnt a doorbell. No one came so we ran over to another house that is part member. Someone luckly answered the door after what felt like 30 minutes and I was able to go to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom my companion was talking to the grandma in the house Who is not a member, I dont know a better way to say that but simply the grandma in the house. I came out and we talked a little more. Abviously living with members she has heard and talked about the church. But we were able to give her a book of mormon for herself and asked her to read in it. So in this experience we learn that the lord does really work in mysterious ways. Haha. another classic story I have now. I love you all so much. Have a great week.
Te amo 
Elder Hamilton.