Monday, September 16, 2013

First Time for Oatmeal!

Hi Mom
First off, Happy Birthday Nathan!!! Next month we will all be in our 20´s!!
This week went by really fast. Not a ton of success but I guess everyone we are talking to we are planting a seed possibly for the future. It is hard right now and will be this week because it is the 18th of september, I cant believe already half way through september. This is their independence day. ANd they are very proud to say that it is way bigger than the 4th of july. No fireworks but a lot of parties. It is basically a month long thing but especially the week of the 18th. So many people say that they cant talk until after the fiestas. So this week will be interesting to see if we can find anyone. We are really trying and sometimes it is disappointing but I just have to keep trying to find new people. We have some people that we are teaching but they are moving slowly along. Work for people here is sort of confusing because it isnt just like 9-5 people have different working hours. This same thing is with the schools. Some people have school in the morning some in the evening and some, even little kids, have school in the evening until like 8. It is really wierd. As for food. Nothing to crazy. REally good food from the members. Yes I have had empinadas and I love them. They are so good. THat and the bread, because there is bread everywhere. No churro but that sounds so good. One thing that is super funny about food. I tried oatmeal for the first time in my life yesterday here in chile. It was actually pretty good. I know a lot of people are rolling their eyes in disbelief but as far as I can remember it is true. That so great that grandma and grandpa andrew leave this week and come a little closer to me. I did receive my first letter down here from Ari  which was great. It takes a long time. The date it was in salt lake was july 20 and I got it on september 10th so almost 2 months. So If you send a letter just be a little patient I think it will end up getting to me. I have heard less time than that for packages so It will be interesting to see. I cant believe that I am 2.5 months into my mission and only have 1.5 weeks left in this transfer. Time is going by pretty fast. Brock has been out for over a year now and brandon for like 8 months I think. It is so wierd how fast time is going. 
Things here are going good. I take things as they come, like this morning when I woke up to no warm water, and take it one day at a time sometimes but I like the work and the spirit that is felt. The hardest part for me is when people just walk by us because I know how important this message is and the blessings I have had in my life from this gospel and I want to find people who are able to realize those blessings too. Wish it was as easy to do it as it is to say it but thats part of the experience. It is dificult but I can see myself growing and I am so happy I am able to relly on the lord for a lot of help. Because I need it sometimes. 
I love you all so much!!
Te amo Elder Hamilton

Note- Yes, I didn't serve my children oatmeal. Let's just say bad childhood memories on my part.  Cheryl